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  • Yakima Brewing & Malting Company - Yakima, WA, USA
    (with Real Ales coaster)
    • Bert Grant's Amber Ale [97/04/24, A, NR]
      Golden amber color; delicate citrus nose; balanced, but with a strong malt finish. Very palatable beer.
    • Bert Grant's Fresh Hop Ale [97/10/31, A, NR]
      Deep amber color; bright Cascade hop nose; it's definitely hoppy, hops also come out stong during the aftertaste.
    • Glorious Golden Ale [00/06/10, A, 8, #950, $6.12/6, Green's Beverages]
      Bright golden color; faint citrus hop nose; thin to medium-bodied; crisp and light bitter hop flavor, quick finish with a subtle dry hop aftertaste.
    • Bert Grant's HefeWeizen [98/03/13, W, 6, $6.99/6, Tower Package Store]
      Cloudy yellow golden color; pleasant citrus wheat nose; medium-bodied; light and refreshing, crisp taste leaves little to no aftertaste, somewhat lacking in flavor.
    • Bert Grant's Imperial Stout [97/04/21, S, 12]
      Black color; bitter roasted malt nose; full-bodied and thick; bitter roasted malt flavor, slightly sweet, roasted malt aftertaste.
    • Bert Grant's India Pale Ale [98/07/03, IPA, NR, Capital City Package]
      Two different bottle designs.
    • Bert Grant's Perfect Porter [97/06/27, P, 10]
      Black color; dry roasted malt nose; medium-bodied; bitter smokey, roasty, dry malt taste, with a long roasted malt aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Bert Grant's Scottish Ale [97/05/16, A, NR]
      Golden amber; citrus fruity nose; very hoppy with little malt, and a long bitter aftertaste.
    • Bert Grant's SpringFest Ale [98/02/21, A, 10, $7.29/6]
      Deep amber color; bitter, dry malt nose (reminds me of the porter); medium-bodied; well-balanced, malt and hop presence, light dry hop aftertaste.
    • Bert Grant's Summer Ale (Chinook Hops) [98/07/20, A, 8, Green's Beer & Wine]
      Golden color; light floral hop nose; medium-bodied; crisp and bright bitter hop flavor, very little malt presence, zesty hop aftertaste.
    • Bert Grant's Summer Ale (Amarillo Hops) [99/07/09, A, 8, #767, Tower Package Store]
      Deep golden color; light citrus hop aroma; medium-bodied; light hop flavor, defined bitter hop finish and aftertaste.
    • Bert Grant's Winter Ale [98/01/03, A, 12]
      Deep ruby color; slightly smokey, complex malt and hop nose; medium-bodied; spicy malty taste, backed by a bright crisp hop taste, hoppy ending and long dry hop aftertaste.
    • Grant's Celtic Ale [96, A, NR]
    • Grant's India Pale Ale [96, IPA, NR]
      Golden color; bright hop nose; highly hopped, very little malt flavor at all, long pronounced bitter hop aftertaste.
    • Lazy Days [01/07/13, A, 6, #1083, $5.99/6, Tower Package]
      Golden amber color; light fruity nose; thin-bodied; crisp hop flavor, sweet malt background, bitter hop finish with a cloying sweet aftertaste.

  • Ybor City Brewing Company - Tampa, FL, USA
    • Brown Ale [98/01/02, A, 6]
      Reddish amber color; malty nutty nose; thin to medium-bodied; slightly thin sweet malty taste, hoppy at the end, quick finish and little to no aftertaste.
    • Calusa Wheat [98/01/02, W, 8]
      Pale yellow golden color; malty nose; thin to medium-bodied; balanced, but more malty, especially at the end, malty aftertaste.
    • Gold [97/10/29, B, NR]
      Golden amber color; fruity malty nose with a faintly sour background; medium-bodied; more malty than hoppy, especially at the end, long aftertaste.

  • Young & Company's Brewery - London, England
    • Bitter 20oz Hand-pulled Draught [05/05/05, A, NR, #1320, 2.65/1, The Teddington Arms - Teddington, England]
    • Double Chocolate Stout 12oz [04/08/15, S, 8, #806, $7.14/4, Green's Beverages],
      500ml [99/04/17, S, 11, #710, 1.65/1, The Victoria Wine Company - Aberystwyth, Wales]
      Black color; rich chocolate and roasted malt nose; medium to full-bodied; delicious roasty chocolate flavor, moderate roasty aftertaste. Just what one would expect.
    • Oatmeal Stout Smooth Draught 14.9oz Can [99/08/22, S, 8, #806, $7.09/4, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Black color; faint roasted malt nose; full-bodied, very smooth and creamy; balanced bitter hop and malt flavor, light roasted malt character, gentle bitter finish and roasty aftertaste.
    • Special London Ale 12oz [04/09/25, A, 10, #1271, $7.14/4, Green's Beverages]
      Golden color; big fruity nose; medium to full-bodied; strong malt flavor, complex with a faint fruity background, short and clean finish followed by a light fruity aftertaste.

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