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  • F. X. Glossner Brauerei - Nürnberg, Germany
    • Pils De Luxe 0.33l [00/09/28, B, NR, #976, DEM3.50/1, Cucina Italiana - Nürnberg, Germany]

  • F. X. Matt Brewing Company - Utica, NY, USA
    • Saranac Adirondack Amber Lager [97/06/27, B, 9]
      Golden amber color; very faint hoppy nose; medium-bodied; crisp bitter hop taste throughout, very little malt except towards the end. Tastes like a pale ale.
    • Saranac Belgian White [99/01/09, A, 7, #635, Capital City Package]
      Cloudy pale golden color; faint citrus nose, spiced; thin-bodied; smooth, bright bitter and spiced like the nose, faint malty aftertaste.
    • Saranac Black Forrest [97/12/23, B, 6]
      Dark ruby red color; faint fruity nose; balanced, smooth, hop and malt presence, a bit more hoppy in the beginning, malty finish and aftertaste. A good brew, but not really exciting.
    • Saranac Black & Tan [97/06/28, B, 11]
      Dark ruby color; rich, creamy nose with floral hop aroma; full to medium-bodied; hoppy like the Adirondack Amber in the beginning, rich malty ending and long aftertaste. Blended with a special stout and Adirondack Amber. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Saranac Caramel Porter [02/03/04, P, NR, #1149]
    • Saranac Chocolate Amber [97/12/23, B, 6]
      Black color, brownish tinge; rich, chocolate nose; medium-bodied; balanced, surprisingly bitter hop taste, then turns malty, slight chocolate roasty aftertaste. Not quite what one would expect.
    • Saranac Extra Special Bitter [02/03/04, B, NR, #1148]
    • Saranac Pale Ale (Classic English Ale) [97/04/12, A, 11]
      Golden copper color; bright fruity nose; crisp bitter hop taste throughout, finishes with a moderate bitter hop aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Saranac Pale Ale (Traditional) [96, A, NR]
    • Saranac Golden Pilsener [96, B, 6]
      Golden color; malty nose; thin to medium-bodied; bitter in the beginning, then turns malty, faint malty aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Saranac India Pale Ale [97/12/23, IPA, 8]
      Deep golden color; almost no aroma at all; crisp and well-hopped, fades away right before the ending, lasting dry hop aftertaste.
    • Saranac Lager [99/01/08, B, 5, #633, Capital City Package]
      Deep golden color; thin to medium-bodied; balanced, smooth mellow flavor, very light, malty aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Saranac Maple Porter [97/12/27, P, 6]
      Deep ruby color; rich and roasty nose; thin-bodied; bitter taste throughout, ends quickly and slightly malty, faint roasty aftertaste.
    • Saranac Mocha Stout [02/03/04, S, NR, #1152]
    • Saranac Mountain Berry Ale [97/12/27, A, 9]
      Orange amber color; malty nose with a slightly tart element; thin-bodied; bitter hop and somewhat tart fruity taste, light fruity berry finish and malty aftertaste. The fruit adds a nice touch and is not too overwhelming.
    • Saranac Nut Brown Ale [97/12/23, A, 7]
      Dark color; faint roasty malt nose; medium-bodied; bitter hop taste in the beginning and middle, turns into a malty ending, faint roasty aftertaste.
    • Saranac Nut Brown Lager [99/01/08, B, 7, #634, Capital City Package]
      Reddish amber color; light hop aroma; medium-bodied; bitter hop flavor in the beginning, fades into a short malty finish and aftertaste.
    • Saranac Pilsener [02/03/04, B, NR, #1147]
    • Saranac Scotch Ale [02/03/04, A, NR, #1150]
    • Saranac Stout [97/12/27, S, 9]
    • Saranac Single Male Ale [02/03/04, A, NR, #1151]
      Black color with a tinge of red; rich and sweet chocolate malt aroma; medium to full-bodied; bittersweet malty buttery taste and finish, long roasty aftertaste.
    • Saranac Winter Wassail [97/12/23, A, 6]
      Copper golden color; cinnamon and sweet spicy nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, moderate hop flavor, malty ending, defined cinnamon and spice background, spices linger during the aftertaste. An interesting brew, but the spices can be a bit overpowering.

  • Far East Beer Company - Witney, Oxfordshire, England
    (bottled by The Wychwood Brewery - Witney, Oxfordshire, England)
    • Bangla 660ml [05/05/05, B, NR, #1318, £3.95/1, Bilas Tandoori - Teddington, England]

  • Faultline Brewing Company - Sunnyvale, CA, USA
    (with coaster)
    • Burton Ale 16oz Draught [03/04/22, A, NR, #1216, $3.25/1]
    • Cask Ale 20oz Draught [04/02/24, A, NR, #1249, $4.50/1]
    • IPA 16oz Draught [99/10/25, IPA, NR, #836]
    • Pale Ale 16oz Draught [00/05/17, A, NR, #943]

  • Feldschlösschen - Rheinfelden, Switzerland
    • Hopfenperle 33cl Can [07/05/30, B, NR, #1421, CHF6.00/1, Hotel Auteul - Geneva, Switzerland]

  • Firehouse Brewing Company - Miami, FL, USA
    • India Pale Ale [98/01/23, IPA, 6, AITM]
      Dark reddish amber color; bright bitter hop nose; medium-bodied; brief hop surge, followed by a malty taste, slight dry hop aftertaste.
    • Pilsner Beer [98/01/23, B, 11, AITM]
      Light golden color, big malt nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, crisp hop flavor complimented by a zesty malty presence, bitter hop ending. The description may sound generic, but I enjoyed this one immensely.

  • FireStation5 Brewing Company - Portland, OR, USA
    • Fire Boat Amber [06/05/27, A, NR, #1373, $6.89/6, Kroger]
    • Steam Pumper IPA [06/05/27, IPA, NR, #1374, $6.89/6, Kroger]

  • Firestone & Walker Brewing Company - Los Olivos, CA, USA
    • Double Barrel Ale [97/07/04, A, NR]
      Amber color; zesty fragrant nose; medium-bodied, balanced taste with a definite hop character, bitter hop surge at the end.
    • Windsor Pale Ale [99/05/22, A, 7, #736, $7.14/6, Green's Beverages]
      Golden color; fruity nose; thin-bodied; light hop flavor with a crisp bitter finish an faint aftertaste.

  • Fish Brewing Company - Olympia, WA, USA
    • "Fish Tale Ales" Mud Shark Porter [97/08/29, P, NR]
      Black color with a reddish tinge; rich, complex, spicy and sweet nose; medium-bodied; balanced taste; slightly bitter beginning, long malty aftertaste.

  • Fischer D'Alsace - Schiltigheim, France
    • La Belle [96, B, NR]

  • Five Season's Brewing Company - Atlanta, GA, USA
    • Glenkevin "Wee Heavy" Scotch Ale 16oz Draught [04/10/15, A, NR, #1279, $5.00/1]

  • Flagstone Brewery - Winston-Salem, NC, USA
    • First Reserve Southern Brew [97/01/11, A, NR]

  • Flowers Brewery - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
    (owned by Whitbread Beer Company)
    • IPA Caskbitter 20oz Hand-pulled Draught [99/03/23, IPA, 8, #685, £1.85/1, The Stables Bar - Betws-y-Coed, Wales]
      Dark golden color; light hop nose; thin to medium-bodied; bright bitter hop flavor, long hoppy aftertaste.

  • Flying Dog Brewery - Denver, CO, USA
    (bottled by Broadway Brewing, Denver, CO, USA)
    (also listed as Flying Dog Brew Pub, Aspen, CO, USA)
    (visited Broadway and picked up a pint glass, matches and beer menu, with Doggie Style/Road Dog coaster)
    • Dog Days Golden Ale 2oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO]
    • Doggy Style Classic Pale Ale 2oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO],
      12oz [98/03/28, A, 12, $6.98/6, Sherlock's Beer & Wine Warehouse],
      16oz Draught [99/02/01, A, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO],
      22oz [98/12/08, A, 12, $2.29/1, Harris Teeter]
      Hazy deep amber golden color; big floral hop aroma bursts forth; medium-bodied; defined bitter hop taste throughout, long dry hop aftertaste. A well hopped and great tasting pale ale. I have two different 12oz bottle designs.
    • Dogtoberfest Beer [04/09/27, B, 7, #1274, $6.94/6, Green's Beverages]
      Deep reddish amber color; sweet malt nose; thin-bodied; malty flavor, moderate sweet background, sweet aftertaste.
    • Double Dog Double Pale Ale [07/08/03, A, NR, #1428, $8.23/4, Green's Beverages]
    • Garde Dog "Bière de Garde" [08/05/30, A, NR, #1457, $8.23/6, Green's Beverages]
    • Gonzo Imperial Porter [05/07/09, P, NR, #1327, $8.49/4, Toco Giant]
    • Helter Hound Anti-Spring Bock Beer [04/05/28, BK, NR, #1263, Kroger]
    • Horn Dog Barley Wine Style Ale [04/08/14, BW, 11, #1268, $7.65/6, Green's Beverages]
      Dark brown color; sweet malt nose; full-bodied; complex and chewy malt flavor, sweet malt presence with hints of toasted malt, sweet finish and long malt aftertaste.
    • In-Heat Wheat [02/02/23, W, 6, #1145, $5.99/6, Tower Package]
      Golden color, hazy; malt nose; thin-bodied; tart bitter hop flavor with a wheat beackground, long clying and faintly sweet aftertaste.
    • K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale [99/12/06, A, 9, #867, $6.63/6, Green's Beverages]
      Dark amber brown color; complex fruity nose; medium-bodied; zesty and complex hop and malt flavor with a hop surge, the flavor lasts through to the aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs, the newer one is labeled K-9 Cruiser Altitude Ale.
    • Kerberos Triple [08/06/07, A, NR, #1462, $8.23/4]
    • Old Scratch Lager 2oz Draught [98/06/15, B, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO],
      12oz [98/02/07, B, 9, $1.29/1],
      22oz [98/12/08, B, 9, $2.29/1, Harris Teeter]
      Deep golden amber color; faintly zesty malty nose; thin-bodied; zesty, complex blend of flavor gets your attention, malty in the beginning, bitter hop surge in the middle, dry hop aftertaste. With coaster and two different bottle designs, the newer one is labeled Old Scratch Amber Lager.
    • Road Dog Scottish Ale 2oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO],
      12oz [98/04/01, A, 9, $6.49/6, Tower Package Store],
      22oz [98/12/08, A, 9, $2.29/1, Harris Teeter]
      Dark ruby color; lightly roaster malt nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, hoppy in the beginning, turns into a strong slightly roasted malt flavor, dry hop aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs, the newer one is labeled Road Dog Scottish Porter.
    • Snake Dog IPA 2oz Draught [98/06/15, IPA, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO],
      12oz [98/06/26, IPA, 9, $6.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Dark golden color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied; big hop flavor throughout, very long bitter hop aftertaste. With coaster and two different bottle designs.
    • Tire Biter Lager 12oz [99/02/06, B, 7, $6.99/6, Toco Giant],
      16oz Draught [99/02/01, B, NR, #649, Broadway - Denver, CO]
      Light golden color; very light nose; thin-bodied; light dry bitter hop flavor, mild malty background, faint aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs, the newer one is labeled Tire Bite Golden Ale.
    • Wild Dog Double Pale Ale 25.4oz [04/12/11, A, 13, #1288, $10.99/1, Toco Giant]
      Deep amber color; enourmous floral hop nose, I can smell this beer from over 6 inches away; medium-bodied with a rocky head; fantastic big hop flavor, strong and complex, long hop finish and aftertaste. This is a 10th anniversary limited release, bottle number 2200.

  • Flying Fish Brewing Company - Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
    • ESB Ale [99/02/06, A, 10, #653, AITM]
      Golden color; hop and malt nose; medium-bodied; balanced flavor, malty in the beginning, then a spicy big hop flavor, fades into a lingering dry hop finish and aftertaste.
    • Extra Pale Ale [01/03/01, A, 5, #1035, AITM]
      Light golden color; faint floral hop nose; thin-bodied; bitter hop flavor throughout, lasting tart bitter aftertaste.

  • Flying Monkey Brewing Company - Merriam, KS, USA
    • Pale Ale [99/07/10, A, 9, #768, ? - Manhatten, KS]
      Golden color; light floral hop and malt nose; medium-bodied; moderate bitter hop flavor throughout, bright lingering hop finish and aftertaste.

  • Forst - Merano, Italy
    • Premium 0.4l Draught [07/08/31, B, NR, #1434, EUR4.50/1, Trattoria Da Gino E Pietro - Rome, Italy]

  • Frederick Brewing Company - Frederick, ME, USA
    • Blue Ridge Amber Lager [97/12/12, B, NR]
      Amber color; roasty malt nose; medium-bodied; lighty malty in the beginning, bitter ending and malty aftertaste.
    • Blue Ridge ESB Red Ale [97/10/10, A, 10]
      Copper golden color; faintly fruity, zesty malt nose; medium-bodied; bitter throughout, long dry hop aftertaste.
    • Blue Ridge Golden Ale [97/12/05, A, NR]
      Light golden color; zesty, citrus nose; medium-bodied, almost creamy; well-balanced, malty beginning, pleasantly hoppy in the middle and end with a malty background.
    • Blue Ridge HopFest [99/09/25, A, 9, #819, AITM]
      Deep reddish amber color; big floral hop nose; medium-bodied; bright citrus hop flavor, fades quickly into a short dry hop finish and aftertaste.
    • Blue Ridge Porter [98/01/04, P, 7]
      Dark ruby color; complex, slightly sweet, roasted malt nose; medium-bodied; malty taste, bitter in the beginning, turns dry and roasty, lasting roasty aftertaste.
    • Blue Ridge Snowball's Chance [99/01/02, A, 10, #628]
      Hazy dark amber color; malty nose; medium-bodied; complex malty flavor, strong and rich at times, hops stay back but come through in the middle, balanced finish and aftertaste.
    • Blue Ridge Steeple Stout [99/12/22, S, 9, #880, 7.14/6, Green's Beverages - Greenville, SC]
      Black color; big roasted malt nose, slightly sweet; full-bodied; roasted malt flavor, well-balanced roasty finish and aftertaste.
    • Hempen Ale [98/03/07, A, 7, AITM]
      Golden amber color; rich, dry herbal nose; thin to medium-bodied; bitter hop taste, creamy, dry hop aftertaste. The hemp seeds add a nice touch, a satisfying brew. With coaster.

  • Freeminer Brewery - England
    (bottled by Wessex Craft Brewers - Mitcheldean, England)
    • Trafalger IPA 16.9oz [01/06/17, IPA, 0, #1064, $3.79/1, Your Dekalb Farmers Market]
      Very foamy. Bad.

  • Friends Brewing Company - Atlanta, GA, USA
    (also in New Ulm, MN, USA)
    • Helenboch Holiday Ale 22oz [98/01/30, A, 3, $0.69/1]
      Dark ruby color; big sweet and spicy nose, ginger and nutmeg aroma; thin to medium-bodied; very spicy flavor, overbearing, long roasted spiced aftertaste, taste is like the nose. Way too overdone for my tastes.
    • Helenboch Oktoberfest [97/04/11, B, NR]
      Reddish amber, light and slightly sharp with a bitterness that lingers.

  • Fuller, Smith & Turner - London, England
    • 1845 18.6oz [97/12/06, A, NR]
      Deep reddish amber color; faintly fruity nose, with a malty background; medium-bodied; bitter in the beginning, then a strong malty taste, long and strong aftertaste.
    • ESB (Extra Special Bitter) English Ale 12oz, 18.6oz [97/03/04, A, NR]
      Deep golden amber color; fruity and light malty nose; medium to full-bodied; very hoppy throughout with a hint of malt, fades into a lingering dry hop aftertase. With coaster.
    • India Pale Ale 12oz [01/04/07, IPA, NR, $8.99/6, Tower Package],
      18.6oz [97/12/12, IPA, NR],
      [05/04/14, IPA, NR, £2.00/1, Fly in the Loaf - Liverpool, England]
      Deep golden color; very light nose; medium-bodied; plenty of hop taste, intensity varies, dry hop aftertaste.
    • London Pride Pale Ale 330ml Can [99/03/20, A, NR, (British Airways 2226, Boeing 777, 37000ft, 590mph, -77°F, 4mph tail wind) - near Richmond, VA],
      18.6oz [97/01/24, A, NR],
      20oz Hand-pulled Draught [05/08/30, A, NR, £2.40/1, The Cambridge - London, England]
      Deep golden color; big fruity nose; creamy and full-bodied; well-balanced malty flavor, hoppy finish and aftertaste.
    • London Porter 18.6oz [97/12/13, P, NR]
      Black color, slight reddish tinge; rich and roasty nose; full-bodied, chewy; bitter up front, turns into a very roasty flavor, and aftertaste. This bottle was broken in 2002/08. With coaster.
    • Summer Ale 18.6oz [98/07/17, A, 5, $2.99/1, Toco Giant]
      Dark golden color; sweet buttery malt nose; meadium-bodied, heavy; slightly malty in the beginning, malty middle and finish, short aftertaste. I don't find these types of beers refreshing at all, too malty and heavy.

  • Full Sail Brewing Company - Hood River, OR, USA
    • Amber [00/05/23, A, 9, #945, $1.49/1, Prestige Liquor - Sunnyvale, CA]
      Dark amber brown color; fruity nose; medium-bodied; bitter hop flavor, slightly sweet malt background, bright hop finish and long aftertaste.
    • IPA [01/11/05, IPA, NR, #1119, $6.79/6, Beverages, & more! - Oakland, CA]
    • LTD Series Recipe Number: 01 [09/03/16, BK, NR, #1474, $7.99/6, Sahil's Package Store]
    • LTD Series Recipe Number: 02 [09/05/12, BK, NR, #1479, $7.99/6, Sahil's Package Store]
    • Pale [01/11/06, A, NR, #1120, $6.79/6, Beverages, & more! - Oakland, CA]
    • Session 11oz [06/??/??, B, NR, #1388, ? - ?]
    • Wassail Ale [05/01/07, A, 11, #1299, $7.49/6, Beverages, & more! - Milpitas, CA]
      Amber color; complex hop and malt nose; medium-bodied; complex hop flavor with a malt background, bold hop finish and long aftertaste.

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