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  • T. & R. Theakston - Masham, England
    (owned by Scottish Courage Brewing)
    • Best Bitter Draught 440ml Can [99/05/07], A, 6, #721, £1.25/1, The Victoria Wine Company - Aberystwyth, Wales]
      Golden color; faint malty nose; thin to medium-bodied; hop and malt flavor, long dry aftertaste. Not very interesting at all.
    • Old Peculier Ale [97/02/08, A, 7]
      Dark ruby color; fragrant malty nose; medium-bodied; dry malt flavor, light hop presence, long faint dry bitter aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.

  • Tabernash Brewing Company - Longmont, CO, USA
    • Golden [00/12/02, B, 7, #1007, $12.99/12, Cheers Liquor Mart - Colorado Springs, CO]
      Light golden color; light clean malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; balanced, with a bright hop surge, quick finish with a faint aftertaste.
    • Weiss Beer [00/12/09, W, 8, #1012, $12.99/12, Cheers Liquor Mart - Colorado Springs, CO]
      Cloudy golden color; strong wheat nose; thin to medium-bodied; bright hop character with a balanced and defined wheat flavor, long dry bitter finish and aftertaste.

  • Taedonggang Beer Brewery - Pyongyang, North Korea
    • Taedonggang Lager [05/06/20, B, NR, #1325, KRW7000/1, Gangnam WA Bar - Seoul, Korea]

  • Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Company - Taipei, Taiwan
    • Taiwan Beer 600ml [05/10/01, B, 4, #1344, $2.19/1, 99 Ranch Market - Milpitas, CA]
      Light golden color; strong malt nose; thin-bodied, big foamy head; pronounced metallic presence, otherwise mellow and not particularly appealing, faintly sweet and cloying.

  • Ten Springs Brewing Company - Saratoga Springs, NY, USA
    • Saratoga [99/06/27, B, 5, #762, AITM]
      Bright golden color; clean malt nose, faint unpleasant background; thin-bodied, big fizzy head; bitter hop and malt flavor, ending with a sharp unpleasant character, moderate short hop aftertaste. Something is a little bit off on this one.

  • Tennent Caledonian Breweries - Glasgow, Scotland
    (with Tennent's Extra bar towel)
    • Ember 80/- 20oz Draught [01/08/07, B, NR, #1102, £2.00/1, The Elms Court Hotel - Ayr, Scotland]
    • Lager 10oz Draught [01/08/05, B, NR, #1096, £1.10/1, Portree Hotel - Portree, Scotland]
    • Tennent's of Scotland 11.16oz [97/11/01, B, NR]
      Bright golden color; light malty nose; very typical of a lager, finishes with a bitter taste.

  • Terrapin Beer Company - Athens, GA, USA
    (bottled by Frederick Brewing Company, Frederick, MD, USA)
    • All American Imperial Pilsner [06/06/24, B, NR, #1379, $8.99/4, Alex Package Store]
    • Big Hoppy Monster [08/11/22, A, NR, #1470, $10.39/4, Kroger]
    • Cream Ale [05/07/04, A, NR, #1326, $6.99/6, Kroger]
    • Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout [06/02/04, S, 12, #1350]
      Black color; strong toasted malt and coffee nose; thin-bodied; very thick and cmplex toasted malt flavor, long strong finish.
    • Hopsecutioner IPA [10/01/07, IPA, NR, #1496, $9.99/6, Cheers Beer & Wine]
    • India Brown Ale [09/04/04, A, NR, #1477, $8.99/6, Cheers Beer & Wine]
    • Rye Pale Ale [04/09/25, A, 10, #1272, $6.11/6, Green's Beverages]
      Hazy golden color; inviting floral hop nose; medium-bodied; big and lasting hop flavor throughout, quick finish and little aftertaste.
    • Rye Squared IPA [06/07/14, IPA, NR, #1380, $8.99/4, Alex Package Store]
    • Side Project Volume 4 "Dos Cocoas" Chocolate Porter 22oz [09/01/31, P, NR, #1472, $7.99/6, Sahil's Package Store]

  • Texelse Bierbrouwerij - Oudeschild, The Netherlands
    • Texels Dubbel 0.25l Draught [07/10/26, A, NR, #1443, EUR2.70/1, In De Wildeman - Amsterdam, The Netherlands]

  • Thomas Caffrey Brewing Company - Ireland
    • Caffrey's Irish Ale 10oz Draught [99/03/25, A, 8, £1.00/1, The Royal Oak Hotel - Welshpool, Wales],
      14.9oz Draught Can [99/09/10, A, 8, $5.95/6, Capital City Package],
      20oz Draught [98/12/05, A, 8, $4.75/1, The Olde Peculiar]
      Dark golden color; light fruity nose; medium-bodied; crisp bitter flavor; malt stays in the background, moderate bitter finish and aftertaste. With three coasters.

  • Thomas Creek Brewery - Greenville, SC, USA
    • Amber Ale [99/12/18, A, 10, #876, $5.10/6, Green's Discount Beverages - Greenville, SC]
      Cloudy golden amber color; complex fruity nose; medium-bodied; bright zesty hop flavor with a malty background, complex, well-balanced and tangy, short finish and aftertaste.

  • Thomas Kemper Brewing Company - Seattle, WA, USA
    (also in Poulsbo, WA, USA)
    • Amber Lager [96, B, NR]
    • Auction Block Amber [99/11/13, A, 4, #853, $8.82/6, Union Square Wines - Seattle, WA]
      Golden amber cloudy color; nutty nose; thin-bodied; mostly balanced but not very exciting, light finish and aftertaste. Might have been slightly off, this one was a little past the expiration date.

  • Three Floyds Brewing - New Ulm, MN, USA
    • Alpha King Pale Ale [01/03/16, A, 9, #1037, $5.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Golden color; hop nose; medium-bodied; big bold hop flavor, bright and zesty, dry hop finish and aftertaste.
    • Burnham Pilsener [00/12/11, B, 10, #1013, AITM]
      Deep golden color; very faint fruity nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced with a crisp and clean bright hop flavor, long bitter hop finish and lasting aftertaste.
    • Pride & Joy Mild Ale [01/06/15, A, 10, #1060, $5.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Dark golden color; faint citrus hop nose; medium-bodied; moderate hop flavor, balanced with a malty sweetness, short finish and very little aftertaste.
    • Robert the Bruce [00/12/15, A, 10, #1014, AITM]
      Copper color; fruity nose; medium-bodied; crisp hop flavor with a strong malty background; very well-balanced, robust and smooth, long dry aftertaste.
    • X-tra Pale Ale [01/03/16, A, 6, #1036, $5.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Light golden color; floral hop nose; thin-bodied, rocky head; moderate crisp bitter citrus hop flavor, slight hop finish and afteraste. A bit thin.

  • Thunder Ridge Brewing Company - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
    (visited brewery and picked up a coaster)
    • Alpen Brau Helles Lager 5.5oz Draught [98/06/14, B, NR]
    • Back Wood Brown Ale 5.5oz Draught [98/06/14, A, NR]
    • Braunfels Alt 5.5oz Draught [98/06/14, A, NR]
    • Grizzly Stout 5.5oz Draught [98/06/14, S, NR]
    • Wolf Creek Ale 5.5oz Draught [98/06/14, A, NR]

  • Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub - Idaho Springs, CO, USA
    • Ornery Amber [03/11/27, B, NR, #1235, $6.99/1, Barnes Liquor Mart - Colorado Springs, CO]

  • Tröegs Brewing Company - Harrisburg, PA, USA
    • ESB Ale [99/01/15, A, 9, #638, Glenn Miller's - Lemoyne, PA]
      Dark golden amber color; pleasant hop aroma; medium-bodied; light bitter hop flavor, rich malty ending, dry hop aftertaste.
    • Nut Brown Ale [99/01/16, A, 7, #640, Glenn Miller's - Lemoyne, PA]
      Amber color; faint hop aroma; thin to medium-bodied; balanced, hop and malt flavor, short malty nutty aftertaste.
    • Pale Ale [99/01/15, A, 9, #639, Glenn Miller's - Lemoyne, PA]
      Copper golden color; bright citrus hop nose; medium-bodied; bitter hop flavor throughout, crisp with a surge in the middle, short finish and almost no aftertaste.

  • Trappisten van Westmalle Brouwerij - Malle, Belgium
    • Dubbel 33cl [06/07/24, A, NR, #1383, EUR?.??/1, Vakzuid - Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
    • Tripel 33cl [06/07/24, A, NR, #1384, EUR?.??/1, Vakzuid - Amsterdam, The Netherlands]

  • Trujillo - Trujillo, Peru
    • Pilsen Trujillo 310ml [01/02/14, B, 3, #1030]
      Bright golden color; clean malt nose; thin-bodied; light, crisp bitter hop flavor, quick finish and a faint bitter hop aftertaste.

  • Tsingtao Brewing Company - Qingdao, Republic of China
    • Tsingtao Beer [98/08/21, B, 4, $7.99/6, Toco Giant],
      296ml [10/06/24, B, 4, RMB28.00/1, Jade Garden - Shanghai, China]
      Golden yellow color; malty nose; medium-bodied; balanced malt and hop flavor, dry malt finish and aftertaste.

  • Tuborg - Mönchengladbach, Germany
    (bottled by Hannen Brauerei - Mönchengladbach, Germany)
    • Pilsener 0.5l Can [00/10/01, B, NR, #982, DEM3,50/1, Heidelberg, Germany]

  • Tucher Privatbrauerei - Nürnberg, Germany
    (with two coasters)
    • Dunkles Hefe Wiezen 16oz [01/06/17, W, 0, #1065, $1.79/1, Your Dekalb Farmers Market]
    • Helles Hefe Wiezen 16oz [02/08/08, W, 9, #1170]
      Medium golden color, hazy; strong yeast nose; thin-bodied; light bitter hop presence, assertive malt flavor, yeasty finish and dry aftertaste.
    • Pilsener 0.33l Draught [00/09/27, B, NR, #975, DEM3,80/1, Café Prezel - Rothenburg, Germany]

  • Tun Tavern Brewing Company - Philadelphia, PA, USA)
    (bottled by Lion - Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA)
    • Lager [96, B, NR]
      Good and cheap, second only to Pig's Eye.

  • Tunner's Guild Brewing Systems - St. Paul, MN, USA
    • Barbary Coast California Common Beer [98/01/03, ST, 8]
      Hazy golden color; faint malty nose; medium-bodied; balanced, crisp and zesty, more malty towards then beginning and hoppy at the end.
    • Berkshire Springs Stock Ale [98/01/09, A, 9]
      Deep dark reddish amber color; fruity nose, slightly rich and sweet background; medium to full-bodied; smooth, strong malty flavor, hops at the end, short finish and aftertaste. Reminds me of an English-style ale.
    • Piedmont Porter [98/01/04, P, 9]
      Dark ruby color; rich roasty, zesty malty nose; crsip and zesty hop and malt taste throughout, fades towards the end, light chocolate-like aftertaste.
    • Rock River Lager Beer [98/01/03, B, 8]
      Deep golden color; complex zesty malty nose; medium-bodied; smooth, bright, balanced, zesty flavor, mixed with a bitter hop taste at the end, clean finish and short malty aftertaste.

  • Tuppers' Hop Pocket Brewing Company - Ashburn, VA, USA
    (bottled by Old Dominion Brewing Company - Ashburn, VA, USA)
    • Hop Pocket Ale [98/07/17, A, 10, Toco Giant]
      Golden color, hazy; pronounced floral hop nose; medium-bodied; this ale claims to be "extravagently hopped" and they aren't joking, big hop flavor, bitter and spicy throughout, long dry hop aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Hop Pocket Pils [98/08/12, B, 9]
      Light golden color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied, foamy head; bitter hop flavor throughout, dry hop aftertaste. This is a good brew, but it's overhopped for a pilsner and tastes similar to their ale.

  • Twenty Tank Brewery - San Francisco, CA, USA
    (visited 20 Tank and picked up a glass, postcard and coaster)
    • Kinnikinick Standard Ale 20oz Draught [98/09/23, A, NR]
      Cask-conditioned and hand-pumped.
    • Moody's Hi-Top IPA 16oz Draught [98/09/23, IPA, NR]
    • Pollywanna Porter 16oz Draught [98/09/23, P, NR]
    • Red Top Ale 16oz Draught [98/09/23, A, NR]

  • Twisted Pine Brewing - Boulder, CO, USA
    • Big Shot Espresso Stout 16oz Draught [09/11/25, S, NR, #1491, $4.19/1, Old Chicago - Colorado Springs, CO]

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