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  • Nacional Dominicana Cerveceria - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    • Presidente [02/05/29, B, 6, #1157, ? - Miami, FL]
      Light golden color; clean malt nose with a hint of hops; thin-bodied; moderate crsip bitter hop flavor, clean malt background, malty finish and lasting faintly bitter aftertaste.

  • Naked Aspen Beer Company - Cold Spring, MN, USA
    • Brown Ale [97/04/11, A, NR]
      Copper brown color, with a suggestively rich smell; crisp and smooth, toasty malt aftertaste that lasts.
    • Pale Ale [96, A, 8]
      Light golden color; faint hop aroma; medium-bodied; crisp hop flavor up front, fades in the middle, dry hop aftertaste. A very drinkable and flavorful American pale ale.

  • National Breweries - Zimbabwe
    • Zambezi [03/10/17, B, 8, #1231, $1.59/1, World Market]
      Pale golden color; clean malt nose, hints of lemon; medium-bodied, rocky head; bright crisp bitter hop flavor, clean malt background and finish, light hop aftertaste.

  • Nethergate Brewery - Suffolk, England
    • Old Growler Ale 16.9oz [97/01/23, A, NR]

  • Neumarkter Lammsbräu - Neumarkt, Germany
    • Dunkel 0.33l [06/12/26, B, NR, #1411, EUR?.??/1, ? - ?, Germany]
    • Edel Pils 0.33l [06/09/06, B, NR, #1397, EUR0.79/1, Tengelmann - Wiesbaden, Germany]

  • Neuzelle Klosterbrauerei - Neuzelle, Germany
    • Bathbeer 16.9oz [01/08/16, A, 12, #1106, $3.99/1, Whole Foods]
      Black color; bitter chocolate roasted malt nose; medium-bodied; very complex and full of flavor, good balance of roasted malt and hop bitterness, intense roasted and burnt malt finish and long aftertaste.
    • Black Abbot 16.9oz [01/07/14, B, 10, #1085, $3.99/1, Whole Foods]
      Black color; sweet roasted malt nose; thin-bodied; rich and very sweet malty flavor, long and sweet roasted malt finish and faint aftertaste.

  • New Amsterdam Company - New York, NY, USA
    (bottled in Utica, NY, USA)
    • India Dark Ale [97/07/19, A, NR]
      Very dark reddish brown; malty, slightly nutty nose; balanced taste, malty up front, bitter middle with a roasty malt ending.
    • India Pale Ale [97/12/17, IPA, NR]
      Golden amber color; light floral nose; medium-bodied; crisp bitter hop taste, fades slightly in the end, dry hop aftertaste.
    • New York Ale [96, A, NR]

  • New Belgium Brewing Company - Fort Collins, CO, USA
    (with coaster post card)
    • 1554 20oz Draught [06/05/13, A, NR, #1368, $3.99/1, Old Chicago - Colorado Springs, CO]
    • Biere De Mars [04/03/17, A, 10, #1252, 7.49/6, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Golden orange color, cloudy; faint wheat and citrus nose; medium-bodied; balanced, malty with a lasting hop surge.
    • Fat Tire Amber Ale [98/06/18, A, NR, Bladium - Denver, CO]
      Deep amber color; faint fruity nose; medium-bodied; balanced, faint toasted malt and zesty hop flavor, lasting bitter hop finish and aftertaste. With coaster and pint glass.
    • Ranger IPA [10/02/13, IPA, NR, #1501, $8.99/6, Kroger]
    • Mighty Arrow Pale Ale [10/04/04, A, NR, #1508, $8.99/6, Kroger]

  • New England Brewing Company - Norwalk, CT, USA
    • Atlantic Amber [98/03/01, A, 9, AITM]
      Golden color; bright hop and malt nose; medium-bodied; crisp and refreshing taste, hop surge followed by a malty ending, dry hop aftertaste.
    • Gold Stock Ale [99/06/06, A, 11, #750, AITM]
      Cloudy golden color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied; big delicious zesty citrus hop flavor, short dry hop aftertaste.
    • India Pale Ale [99/06/06, IPA, 11, #752, AITM]
      Golden amber color; hop nose; medium-bodied; bold and bright bitter hop flavor, bitter hop finish and aftertest.
    • Oatmeal Stout [98/03/07, S, 5, AITM]
      Dark ruby color; faint roasted malt nose; thin-bodied; hop and malt flavor, bitter very short roasted malt aftertaste.

  • New Knoxville Brewing Company - Knoxville, TN, USA
    (with coaster)
    • India Pale Ale [98/03/28, IPA, 10, $5.98/6, Sherlock's Beer & Wine Warehouse]
      Light golden amber color; floral hop nose; bitter hop taste with a gigantic surge in the middle, long dry hop aftertaste.
    • Mild Ale [98/04/11, A, 5, $5.99/6, Tower Package Store]
      Golden amber color; light malty nose; medium-bodied; slight hop bitterness, defined strong malty flavor and aftertaste, a bit overpowering.
    • Porter [98/02/08, P, 7, $1.29/1]
      Deep ruby color; rich, bittersweet roasted malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; bitter, roasty taste, short finish and a faint roasted malt aftertaste. Not bad, but goes by a little too quickly.

  • New River Brewing Company - ?, ?, USA
    (bottled by Old Dominion Brewing Company - Ashburn, VA, USA)
    • Pale Ale [05/07/23, A, NR, #1330, $7.14/6, Green's Beverages]

  • New Zealand Breweries - Auckland, New Zealand
    • Steinlager 330ml [05/09/24, B, 7, #1343]
      Pale golden color; light malt nose; medium-bodied, rocky head; balanced and crisp, faint finish and aftertaste.

  • Newcastle Breweries - Newcastle-on-Tyne, England
    • Brown Ale 12oz, 18.6oz [96, A, 8]
      Reddish amber brown color; caramel malty nose; malty taste throughout, mild hoppy background, very faint aftertaste. With coaster and bar towel.

  • Nigerian Breweries - Lagos, Nigeria
    • Gulder 50cl [99/12/11, B, 3, #871, N60/1, Uncle Ben's Super Kitchen - Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria]
      Light golden color; clean malt nose; thin-bodied; light, crisp and mostly uneventful hop and malt flavor, quick finish and little aftertaste.
    • Legend [99/04/24, S, 13, #717, $5.92/6, Green's Beverages]
      Black color; huge strong, bittersweet malty nose; full-bodied; gigantic bitter hop and malt flavor, lingering sweetness in the background, long finish and aftertaste.
    • Star [98/08/19, B, 4]
      Light golden color; strong, sweet malty nose; medium-bodied; strong malty taste and aftertaste, like the nose. Lightly hopped.

  • Nils Oscar - Nyköping, Sweden
    • Nils Oscar God Lager 33cl [08/04/20, B, NR, #1453, SEK?.??/1, Hotel Clarion - Stockholm, Sweden]

  • Northampton Brewery - Northampton, MA. USA
    • Pale Ale [00/10/14, A, 9, #988, AITM]
      Dark golden hazy color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied, big rocky head; bright hop flavor, long bitter hop finish and aftertaste.

  • North Coast Brewing Company - Fort Bragg, CA, USA
    • Old No. 38 [99/05/25, S, 10, #737, $7.14/6, Green's Beverages]
      Black color; big coffee roasted malt nose with a faint fruitiness; full-bodied; bitter hop and malt flavor, bitter roasted malt finish and long aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout [97/08/26, S, NR]
      Black, with a hint of red; bitter malty nose; medium-bodied; bitter up front, with a very long malty aftertaste.
    • Old Stock Ale 2003 [04/10/03, A, 11, #1277, $10.01/4, Green's Beverages]
      Deep mahogany brown color; sweet toasted malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; big and strong roasted malt flavor, complex with sweet malt with hints of chocolate, moderate dry roasted malt finish and aftertaste.
    • Pranqster [02/07/13, A, 5, #1165, $5.99/4, Green's Beverages]
      Golden color, hazy; big yeast nose; thin-bodied; hop flavor with a mellow yeasty and malt background, sweet, quick finish with a hop aftertaste.
    • Red Seal Ale [99/03/04, A, 8, #661, AITM]
      Dark golden color; light citrus hop nose; medium-bodied; big bitter hop flavor hits you right away, fades into a long dry hop aftertaste.
    • Scrimshaw [99/05/18, B, 7, #728, $7.14/6, Green's Beverages]
      Golden color; clean malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; light and gentle flavor, crisp with a subtle hop presence, short finish and almost no aftertaste. Very delicate flavor throughout.

  • Norton Fitzwarren - Somerset, England
    • Blackthorn Dry Cider [96, C, NR]

  • Nor'Wester Beer Company - Lake Oswego, OR< USA
      Oregon Pale Ale [01/04/28, A, 9, #1044, AITM]
      Deep golden color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied; big and bright hop flavor, crisp and zesty with a bitter finish and light hop aftertaste.

  • Nor'Wester Brewing Company - Saratoga Springs, NY, USA
    • Best Bitter Ale [97/06/20, A, NR]
      Dark golden color; mild, rich and spicy nose; varying bitter taste throughout.
    • Honey Weizen [98/04/12, W, 0, $5.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Golden color; malty nose, hint of apple fruitiness; very thin and fizzy; short bitter taste, un-balanced, almost no aftertaste. Pretty much undrinkable.

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