Greg Hankins

I'm an alumnus of the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. I received my BS/CS in June 1996, and my MS/CS in August 1999.

Old Linux Stuff That I Did a Long Time Ago

o I was the maintainer of the Linux Documentation Project Homepage from March 1996 until July 1999. I also helped out with minor Linux archive maintenance when needed.

o I was the Linux HOWTO coordinator from February 1995 to April 1998. I took care of formatting all the HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs, and getting them archived on (which was then named and is now

o I was the author and maintainer of the Serial FAQ which then became the Linux Serial HOWTO, from June 1993 to January 1998.

o I wrote an intelligent serial board review entitled Intelligent Multiport Serial Boards in the Linux Journal (issue #14, June 1995).

o I wrote an article entitled Installing Linux via NFS, for the Linux Journal (issue #11, March 1995).

o I was a founding member of the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE), a metro Atlanta area Linux users group, some time in 1994. I also helped put on the Atlanta Linux Showcase conferences.

Hobbies, Interests, Etc.

o One of the funniest things I've ever read, the Bastard Operator From Hell, by Simon Travaglia. It was once posted to rec.humor a long time ago.

o My Beer Drinking Page has a list of all the different kinds of beer I have tried, and a few beer links.

o Microsoft Humor, a collection of Microsoft spoofs.

o Software that I started to write, but have mostly forgotten about.

o How to use your Nokia 6310i and Bluetooth with Linux using T-Mobile.

o Goat Lord Records.

Greg Hankins,
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