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  • Cabezon Brewing Company - Albequerque, NM, USA
    • Stout [97/05/31, S, NR, AITM]
      Black color; malty and faintly sweet smell; bitter malty flavor that fades into a dry malt aftertaste.
    • Sunchaser Ale [97/05/31, A, NR, AITM]
      Cloudy deep golden color, frothy head; citrus fruity nose; bitter up front, dry malt taste in the middle, and a hoppy surge at the end.

  • Caledonian Brewing Company - Edinburgh, Scotland
    • 80/- 14.9oz Draught Can [00/06/20, A, 8, #954, $6.49/4, Jax Beer & Wine]
      Golden color; light fruity nose; medium-bodied, creamy; pleasant crisp bitter flavor with a faint malty background, light bitter hop finish and lasting aftertaste. With coaster.
    • Deuchars 20oz Hand-pulled Draught [05/04/14, IPA, NR, #1311, £2.10/1, Everyman - Liverpool, England]
    • MacAndrew's Scotch Ale 17oz [97/02/08, A, NR]

  • Camerons Brewery Company - Hartlepool, England
    • Strongarm 20oz Hand-pulled Draught [99/03/22, A, 8, #680, £1.85/1, Central Park - Aberystwyth, Wales]
      Dark golden color; light fruity nose; medium-bodied; hop flavor with a malty background; defined hop finish and aftertaste.

  • Capital Brewery Company - Middleton, WI, USA
    (bottled by Point Brewery - Steven's Point, WI, USA)
    • Garten Bräu Mai Bock [97/10/03, BK, NR, AITM]
      Deep golden color; slight fruity nose; zesty malty beginning, turns very hoppy in the middle and end.
    • Garten Bräu Special [97/10/03, B, NR, AITM]
      Brilliant golden color; floral hop nose; well-balanced, hoppy flavor towards the end, very typical of a German lager.
    • Wisconsin Amber [00/04/19, A, 8, #932, 5.99/6, Sam's Wines & Spirits - Chicago, IL]

  • Carlton & United Breweries - Melbourne, Australia
    (bottled in Southbank, Victoria, Australia)
    (also bottled by FBG Breweries - Toronto, Canada)
    • Crown Lager 375ml [06/03/01, B, NR, #1355, AUS8.00/1, Sheraton Perth - Perth, Australia]
    • Foster's Lager [96, B, NR]
    • Foster's Special Bitter [96, B, NR]

  • Carlow Brewing Company - Carlow, Ireland
    • Curim Gold [01/06/29, A, 6, #1076, $?.??/6, Toco Giant]
      Medium golden color; faint malt nose; medium-bodied; light, balanced with a crisp hop flavor, thin finish and bitter hop aftertaste. With coaster.
    • O'Hara's Celtic Stout [01/06/15, S, 9, #1061, $6.99/6, Capital City Package],
      17oz [01/08/31, S, 9, #1061, $6.99/4, World Beverage]
      Black color; roasted malt nose; medium to full-bodied; bitter smooth roasted malt flavor throughout, lasting finish and aftertaste. With coaster.
    • Moling's Red Ale [01/06/20, A, 7, #1068, $?.??/6, Toco Giant]
      Reddish amber color; malty grain nose; medium-bodied; bitter, somewhat tart hop flavor, some malty sweetness in the background, bitter hop finish and long aftertaste. With coaster.

  • Carlsberg Breweries - Copenhagen, Denmark
    (with Export coaster and pint glass)
    • Beer [96, B, NR]
    • Elephant [98/03/21, ML, 5, $6.49/6, Charlie Lahan's Carousel - Laguna Beach, FL]
      Bright golden color; faint malty nose; slightly bitter, then a bold and extremely strong malty taste, long aftertaste. Brewed in Toronto, Canada by Labatt Brewing Company.
    • Light [96, LO, NR]

  • Carlsberg Polska - Warsaw, Poland
    • Okocim Premium 0.5l Draught [07/10/21, B, NR, #1442, PLN7.00/1, PPP - Krakow, Poland]
    • Okocim Mocne 0.5l Can [07/05/21, B, NR, #1433, PLN?.??/1, ? - Italy]

  • Carlsberg-Tetley Brewing - Leeds, England
    • Tetley Bitter 10oz Draught [99/03/23, A, 5, #684, £0.76/1, Glen Aber Hotel - Betws-y-Coed, Wales]
      Medium golden color; fruity pear and apple nose; thin-bodied; bitter, almost sharp flavor, long bitter aftertaste.
    • Tetley English Ale 14.9oz Draught Can [99/11/16, A, 9, #854, $6.99/4, 7-Eleven - Sunnyvale, CA]
      Dark golden amber color; fruity nose; medium-bodied, smooth; bold, crisp and bitter hop flavor throughout, faint hop finish and lasting aftertaste.

  • Carolina Beer Company - Mooresville, NC, USA
    • Carolina Blonde 16oz Draught [98/05/30, A, NR, Tony Roma's - Greenville, SC]
    • Charleston Pale Ale [99/08/28, A, NR, #810, $6.12/6, Green's Discount Beverage - Greenville, SC]
    • Charleston Brown Ale [99/08/30, A, 0, #811, $6.12/6, Green's Discount Beverage - Greenville, SC]
      Something was just not right about this one. Light rotten fruity nose, thin and very unpleasant. This whole six pack went down the drain.

  • Carolina Brewery - Chapel Hill, NC, USA
    (visited Carolina Brewery and bought a pint glass)
    • California Steamin' 4oz Draught [98/05/29, A, NR]
    • Copperline Amber Ale 4oz Draught [98/05/29, A, NR]
    • Franklin Street Lager 4oz Draught [98/05/29, B, NR]
    • IPA 4oz Draught [98/05/29, IPA, NR]

  • Carolina Brewing Company - Holly Springs, NC, USA
    • Pale Ale 12oz Draught [98/05/29, A, NR, Darryl's Restaurant & Bar - Raleigh, NC],
      12oz [98/11/26, A, NR]

  • Cascade Brewery Company - South Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
    • Cascade Premium Lager 20oz Draught [06/02/28, B, NR, #1352, AUS7.50/1, Sheraton Perth - Perth, Australia]
    • Cascade Premium Light 375ml [06/02/28, B, NR, #1353, AUS7.00/1, Sheraton Perth - Perth, Australia]

  • Casco Bay Brewing Company - Portland, ME, USA
    • RipTide Red Ale [00/03/03, A, 9, #908, AITM]
      Deep amber color; malty nose; medium-bodied; zesty hop flavor, complex slightly nutty malt presence, moderate bitter hop finish and lasting aftertaste.
    • Katahdin Golden Beer [98/01/02, A, 9, AITM]
      Hazy deep golden color; almost no aroma; medium-bodied; clean, well-balanced, crisp refreshing hop flavor, slightly malty aftertaste.
    • Katahdin Pale Ale [98/01/02, A, 9, AITM]
      Deep golden color; light fruity nose; medium-bodied; bitter hop taste, slightly bitter hop aftertaste. A worthy attempt at an American style pale ale.
    • Pilsner [01/03/27, B, NR, #1040, AITM]

  • Catamount Brewing Company - Windsor, VT, USA
    • Oatmeal Stout [99/06/27, S, 10, #763, AITM]
      Black color; roasted malt nose; full-bodied, thick head; bitter hop and roasted malt flavor, long roasted and pronounced bittersweet malt aftertaste.
    • Pale Ale [99/06/25, A, 9, #761, AITM]
      Dark golden color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied; moderate hop flavor throughout, long dry hop aftertaste.

  • Cayman Islands Brewery - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
    • Caybrew [10/04/15, B, NR, #1510, KYD?.??/1, Señor Frog's - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands]

  • Celis Brewery - Austin, TX, USA
    (with coaster)
    • Pale Ale [97/08/01, A, NR]
      Dark golden color; slightly sweet fruity nose; medium-bodied; well balanced, bitter beginning, and a malty middle that leads into a faint hoppy aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Pale Bock [96, BK, NR] I have two different bottle designs.
    • Pale Rider Ale [99/03/31, A, 8, #700, $5.99/6, Tower Package Store]
      Golden color; light nose; medium-bodied; pleasant bitter hop flavor, balanced, lingering hop aftertaste.
    • White [99/06/03, A, NR, #743, $6.49/6, Roadies - Lake Dallas, TX]

  • Charles Wells Brewery - Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
    • Cobra 20oz Draught [05/08/31, B, NR, #1339, £4.25/1, Tamarind - London, England]
    • Bombardier English Premium Bitter 20oz Hand-pulled Draught [05/05/05, A, NR, #1319, £3.30/1, The Anglers - Teddington, England]

  • Chang - Thailand
    • Beer Chang 330ml Can [02/06/30, B, 4, #1162, ? - Pattaya, Thailand]
      Bright pale golden color; clean malt nose; thin-bodied, bit foamy head; slightly tart, metallic hop flavor, sweet malt background, tart and cloying aftertaste.

  • Chelsea Brewing Company - New York, NY, USA
    • Checker Cab Blonde Ale [97/10/24, A, NR, AITM]
      Pure golden color; faintly malty nose; medium-bodied; crisp well-balanced flavor, has a slightly malt finish and aftertaste.
    • Sunset Red Ale [97/10/24, A, NR, AITM]
      Hazy reddish amber; faintly sour fruity nose; medium-bodied; sour fruity taste, and bitter hop flavor throughout, clean light bitter aftertaste. The smell and taste remind me of sour cherries, in a good way.

  • Cheyenne Mountain Brewing Company - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
    • Way Pale Ale 5.5oz Draught [98/06/14, A, NR, Thunder Ridge - Colorado Springs, CO]

  • Chicago Brewing Company - Chicago, IL, USA
    • Legacy Lager [96, B, NR]

  • Cider People - Old Mill, MD, USA
    (bottled in Di Giorgio, CA, USA)
    • Doc Smitty's Draft Cider [97/07/04, C, NR]
      Pale golden color; sweet dry nose; very sweet throughout with a dry aftertaste.

  • Clipper City Brewing Company - Baltimore, MD, USA
    • Maibock [99/06/08, BK, 4, #753, AITM]
      Dark golden color; faint hop nose; medium-bodied; bright hop flavor, malt stays well in the background, slight buttery presence in the finish and aftertaste. Not very true to style at all.
    • Porter [00/02/13, P, 8, #900, AITM]
      Dark amber brown color; roasted nutty malt nose; medium-bodied; big bitter hop flavor, light roasted malt background, and then back into a bitter hop finish and lasting aftertaste. A pleasant beer, but not a good porter.
    • Reserve Winter Ale [00/02/13, A, 9, #899, AITM]
      Dark golden color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied; big crisp hop flavor with a hint of citrus, lasting flavor and a bitter hop finish. Not exactly what I would think of as a winter beer, but more like an IPA.

  • Coast Range Brewing Company - Gilroy, CA, USA
    • California Blonde Ale [98/05/11, A, 7, AITM]
      Dark golden color; citrus fruity nose; medium-bodied; bright and zesty citrus bitter hop flavor, crisp hop aftertaste.
    • Pale Ale [98/04/21, A, 11, AITM]
      Amber color; light floral nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, zesty bitter hop taste, rich malty background, dry hop aftertaste.

  • Coastal Fog Brewing Company - Berkeley, CA, USA
    (with pint glass)
    • Amber Ale [99/08/18, A, 2, #804, $5.14/6, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Dark amber color; lingering sharpness in the faint fruity aroma; thin to medium-bodied; sharp and unpleasant bitterness dominates this brew, thin cold coffee element. I'm not sure about the quality of this one, five of the six bottles were undrinkable and smelt of rancid butter.

  • Commonwealth Brewery - Nassau, Bahamas
    • Kalik [98/12/26, B, 8, $6.99/6, Charlie Lahan's Carousel - Laguna Beach, FL]
      Deep golden color; huge clean malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; crisp and smooth bitter flavor, malty background, long hoppy aftertaste.
    • Kalik Gold [03/01/17, B, 8, #1197, $2.50/1, Oliver & Wildgoose Investments - Freeport, Grand Bahamas]
      Dark golden color; medium-bodied; like Kalik but a bit stronger.
    • Kalik Light 345ml [03/01/17, LO, 5, #1195, $2.00/1, Oliver & Wildgoose Investments - Freeport, Grand Bahamas]
      Pale golden color; malt nose; thin-bodied; moderate bitter hop flavor. With pint glass.

  • Coniston Brewing Company - Coniston, Cumbria, England
    (bottled by W. H. Brakspear - Henley-on-Thames, England)
    • Bluebird Bitter 16.0oz [02/07/24, A, 9, #1169, $3.49/1, Green's Beverages]
      Dark golden color; candied citrus and berry nose; medium-bodied; bold citrus bitter hop flavor, balanced with a faint malt flavor, long and strong bitter hop finish and lasting aftertaste.

  • Coopers Brewery - Leabrook, South Australia, Australia
    • Best Extra Stout 12.7oz [97/06/29, S, NR]
      Dark black color; dry malt nose; full-bodied and chewy; complex, bitter malt flavor and aftertaste. Don't mind the little bits in the bottom.
    • Original Pale Ale 12.7oz [98/02/20, A, 4, $3.99/6]
      Cloudy light golden color; very light dry bitter nose; medium-bodied; slightly bitter sour taste, dry hop aftertaste.
    • Sparkling Ale 12.7oz [98/01/08, A, 7]
      Hazy light golden color; faint hop nose; thin to medium-bodied; tangy, tart and bitter taste, drops into a malty finish and long bitter hop aftertaste.

  • Coors Brewing Company - Golden, CO, USA
    (bottled by Unibev - Golden, CO, USA)
    • George Killian's Irish Honey Lager [97/07/18, B, NR]
      Light amber color; slightly sour nose with a hint of honey; bitter at first, then very malty with a strong honey taste at the end and during the aftertaste.
    • George Killian's Irish Red Lager [96, B, NR],
      12oz Pub Barrel Can [00/06/03, B, NR, Delta Airlines 1390 - IAD Airport, Dulles, VA]
      Deep amber color; slightly fruity nose; light bitter hop taste, crisp and clean finish. I have three different bottle designs and a blinking bottle cap.

  • Corsendonk - Oud-Turnhout, Belgium
    (bottled by Brewery Du Bocq - Oud-Turnhout, Belgium)
    • Abbey Pale Ale [03/01/08, A, 9, #1190, ? - Pittsburgh, PA]
      Light golden color, big flakes; hop and yeast nose; medium-bodied; pleasant and assertive bitter hop presence, hints of fruit and lemon, moderate yeast flavor, long zesty hop finish and aftertaste.
    • Agnus 75cl [02/01/02, A, 11, #1143, BEF???/1, ? - Belgium]
      Cloudy golden color; big yeast nose; medium-bodied; bright and zesty hop flavor, crisp with a hint of yeast, faintly sweet malt background, fades into a yeasty finish with a bitter hop aftertaste. This bottle came in a tin.
    • Agnus Dei 25cl [01/06/25, A, NR, #1072, BEF???/1, Agora - Leuven, Belgium]
    • Brown 33cl Draught [01/06/27, A, NR, #1074, BEF115/1, Domus Herbergkaart - Leuven, Belgium]

  • Cottonwood Brewery - Boone, NC, USA
    (bottled by Carolina Beer Company - Mooresville, NC, USA)
    • Endo IPA [01/06/16, IPA, 11, #1063, $5.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Dark golden color; big floral hop nose; medium-bodied; very well-hopped, lasting huge zesty hop flavor, short dry hop aftertaste.
    • Low Down Brown [01/07/22, A, 11, #1088, $5.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Brownish amber color; rich, nutty, sweet nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, crisp hop flavor with a robust and nutty malt background, long malt finish and aftertaste.

  • Courage - Staines, England
    • Courage Directors Bitter 20oz Hand-pulled Draught [05/04/13, A, NR, #1309, £2.28/1, The Swan - Ash Vale, England ]
    • John Courage Amber [96, A, NR]
      I have two different bottle designs.
    • John Courage Strong Pale Ale [01/05/20, A, NR, #1052, £1.75/1, The Bengal Brasserie - Basingstoke, England]

  • Costa Rica Cerveceria - Costa Rica
    • Imperial [97/11/01, B, NR]
      Very pale golden color; light malty nose; quite malty, crisp and bitter towards the end with a faint aftertaste.

  • Creemore Springs Brewery - Creemore, Ontario, Canada
    • Premium Lager 16oz Draught [03/05/21, NR, B, #1221, CAD6.00/1, Hempispheres Bistro - Toronto, Canada]

  • Crooked River Brewing Company - Cleveland, OH, USA
    • Robust Porter [00/12/27, P, 8, #1018, AITM]
      Black color; faint roasted malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; dry bitter flavor, balanced with a roasted malt background, long dry bitter aftertaste.
    • Select Lager [00/12/26, B, 6, #1017, AITM]
      Deep golden color; faint malt nose; medium-bodied; quite zesty and hoppy for a lager, light malt background, quick finish leaves very little aftertaste.

  • Cropton Brewery - Cropton, England
    • Monkman's Slaughter 16.9oz [03/04/19, A, NR, #1215, $3.79/1, Green's Beverages]

  • Cuauhtemoc Cerveceria - Monterrey, Mexico
    • Bohemia [98/08/08, A, 8, $6.49/6, Toco Giant]
      Light golden color; faint malty nose; thin-bodied; well balanced, crisp hop and malt flavor, clean finish and little to no aftertaste. This is my favorite Mexican beer.
    • Chihuahua Mexican Beer [96, B, NR]
    • Tecate [98/04/09, B, 3, $5.61/6, Green's Beer & Wine]
      Golden color; indescribable, weak nose; thin-bodied; bitter, almost harsh taste, fades into a malty ending, quick finish and almost no aftertaste. With coaster.

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