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  • H. C. Berger Brewing Company - Fort Collins, CO, USA
    • Chocolate Stout [98/06/21, S, 6, $5.98/6, Jax Beer & Wine]
      Black color; bitter roasted malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; bitter roasted malt flavor, long roasted malt and coffee aftertaste. Suspect this might have been slightly off.
    • Indégo Pale Ale [98/06/02, IPA or A, NR, $5.98/6, Jax Beer & Wine]
      Bitter, sour taste... not good at all, poured the whole six pack down the drain. Damaged for sure.
    • Maibock 16.9oz [98/07/25, BK, 9, Green's Beer & Wine]
      Deep mahagony color; fruity and malty nose; medium to full-bodied; bitter hop flavor in the beginning, sweet malty taste thereafter, long sweet malty aftertaste.
    • Mountain Kölsch Ale [98/09/10, K, 6, $6.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Pale golden color; faint fruity nose; thin to medium-bodied; crisp hop surge, smooth and malty, slightly sweet malty aftertaste.
    • Red Banshee Ale [98/08/28, A, 5, $6.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Deep reddish amber color; medium-bodied; bitter to sour taste, malty background, long bitter aftertaste.

  • Haact Brewery - Belgium
    • Malonne Abbey Ale [97/07/26, A, NR]
      Deep reddish amber; slightly sour, wine-vinegar smell; bitter, almost sour taste, metallic aftertaste.

  • Hacker-Pschorr - Munich, Germany
    • Märzen Amber [98/05/02, B, 8, $8.16/6, Green's Beer & Wine]
      Light amber color; light malty nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, crisp, hop and malt flavor, short malty finish and aftertaste.
    • Munich Edelhell [97/08/02, B, NR]
      Light pale golden color; bright tart smell; medium-bodied; crisp bitter hop taste, short clean finish.
    • Original Oktoberfest Amber Märzen [97/02/21, B, NR]
      Light golden amber color; sweet fruity malt nose; mild sweet taste with a clean finish.
    • Weisse 12oz, 16.9oz [96, W, 7, $2.09/1 16.9oz, Toco Giant]
      Hazy light golden color; strong wheat nose, sour and yeasty background; voluminous head, thin to medium-bodied; dry malty taste, slightly smokey and sour, dry finish and aftertaste.

  • Hair of the Dog Brewing Company - Portland, OR, USA
    • "Adam" Hearty Old World Ale [05/01/08, A, 12, #1302, $3.29/1, Beverages, & more! - Milpitas, CA]
      Deep ruby brown color; strong tart and sweet malt nose; full-bodied and chewy, rocky head; complex hop flavor, backed by rich chocolate malt, slightly sweet malt finish and aftertaste (batch number 57, brewed 2002/11/19, bottled 2003/02/14).
    • Golden Rose Belgian Tripel Style Ale [97/08/25, A, NR]
      Copper golden color, cloudy; rich, complex, sweet malty nose; sweet malty taste, and a hint of hops at the end, malty aftertaste (batch number 19).

  • Hall & Woodhouse - Blandford Forum, Dorset, England
    • Tanglefoot 10oz Hand-pulled Draught [99/03/24, A, 5, #688, £0.88/1, Masons Arms - Denbigh, Wales]
      Golden color; fruity nose; medium-bodied; balanced, light bitter flavor, short finish and slight bitter aftertaste.

  • Hard Rock Brewing - Detroit, MI, USA
    • Hard Gauge Beer [99/02/15, B, 2, #658]
      Pale straw golden color; malty nose; thin-bodied; slightly bitter crisp flavor, ends quickly and fades away, faint ending and aftertaste.

  • Harviestoun Brewery - Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
    • Bitter & Twisted 500ml [02/09/11, A, 8, #1174, $4.08/1, Green's Beverages]
      Pure golden color; hop nose with a hint of toasted malt; thin to medium-bodied; mellow balanced flavor, bitter hop with toasted malt; moderate dry bitter hop finish and faint aftertaste.
    • Old Engine Oil 330ml [01/07/13, A, 10, #1084, $2.99/1, Whole Foods]
      Dark cherry color; light chocolate malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; robust, rich chocolate flavor, dry bitter hop presence, long dry finish and aftertaste.

  • Hale's Ales - Seattle, WA, USA
    (with coaster and glass)
    • Amber Ale [99/03/06, A, 8, #668, $1.45/1, Belmont Station - Portland, OR]
      Dark amber color; fruity nose with a malty presence; medium-bodied; well-balance hop and malt flavor, short finish and a faint hop aftertaste.
    • Moss Bay Extra [99/11/13, A, NR, #852, $7.77/6, Union Square Wines - Seattle, WA]
      There was something wrong with this six pack. All beers were so extremely foamy that when poured, the entire glass immediately foamed to the top. Each had a variety of sharp and off flavors, some worse than others but all undrinkable.
    • Wee Heavy Winter Ale [00/01/03, A, 9, #884, $1.45/1, Belmont Station - Portland, OR]
      Amber brown color; complex malty nose; medium to full-bodied; balanced, tangy malt flavor, light hop presence, faintly sweet, malty finish and aftertaste.

  • Hart Brewing - Seattle, WA, USA
    (also in Kalama, WA, USA)
    (with 3 different Pyramid coasters, a pint glass and glass, Pyramid Ales seems to have been established as well in the mean time)
    • Pyramid Best Brown Ale [97/09/26, A, NR]
      Dark reddish brown color; zesty, faintly sweet malty nose; thin-bodied; well-balanced, malty beginning turns into a hoppy surge and fades into a malty aftertaste.
    • Pyramid Pale Ale [96, A, NR]
      Copper amber color; faintly fruity, sweet nose; well-balanced for a pale ale, not quite as hoppy as one would expect, malty background, and a long bitter hop aftertaste.

  • Hatuey Brewery - Winston-Salem, NC, USA
    (also in Tampa, FL, USA - bottled under authority of Bacardi-Martini, USA)
    • Hatuey Beer [98/04/06, B, 5, $5.49/6, Green's Beer & Wine]
      Deep golden color; slightly sweet malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; brief bitterness in the beginning, then very sweet, heavy, malty taste, lacks hops, lingering aftertaste.

  • Harvey & Son - Sussex, England
    • 1999 Imperial Extra Double Stout 11.2oz [04/12/29, S, 11, #1291, $6.08/1, Green's Beverages]
      Pure black color; tart malty nose with a hint of sour cherry; medium-bodied and chewy; tart, complex and strong roasted malt flavor, hints of chocolate sweetness, strong bitter malt finish and lasting aftertaste.
    • 2000 Imperial Extra Double Stout 11.2oz [04/12/31, S, 11, #1297, $6.08/1, Green's Beverages]
      Black color; complex malt nose; full-bodied; strong roasted and malt and chocolate flavor, long roasted malt aftertaste.

  • Heather Ale - Alloa, Scotland
    • Fraoch (Heather) Ale 16.9oz [96, A, NR]

  • Heidelberger Brauerei - Heidelberg, Germany
    • Schloßquell Pils "1603" 0.4l Draught [00/10/01, B, NR, #981, DEM5,00/1, Abel's Café - Heidelberg, Germany]

  • Heineken Brouwerijen - Amsterdam, Holland
    (with two coasters)
    • 2000 30cl [00/02/13, B, 8, #902, ? - The Netherlands]
      Dark golden color; sweet malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; hop and sweet malt flavor like the nose, sweet malty finish and bitter hop aftertaste.
    • Amstel Light [96, LO, NR]
    • Lager 275ml Can, 11.2oz Can, 12oz, and 21.6oz [96, B, NR],
      25cl Draught [00/04/06, B, NR, NLG4.25, Victoria Hotel - Amsterdam, The Netherlands],
      33cl [03/01/17, B, NR, $2.25/1, Oliver & Wildgoose Investments - Freeport, Grand Bahamas]
      Deep golden color; hop and malt nose; balanced taste, bitter hop finish.
    • Wieckse Witte 30cl [06/07/24, A, NR, #1386, EUR?.??/1, Hilton - Amsterdam, The Netherlands]

  • Hellenic Breweries of Atlantis (Atalanti) - Kiparissi-Fthiotidas, Greece
    • Hellas Pils 11oz [99/10/22, B, 5, #830, $1.32/1, Green's Beverages],
      12oz [02/09/20]
      Light golden color; dry clean sweet honey malt nose; thin-bodied; crisp malt and hop flavor; balanced, lasting aftertaste.

  • Henninger Bräu - Frankfurt, Germany
    • Premium [01/04/17, B, 9, #1043, $6.99/6, Capital City Package]
      Golden color; clean and slightly sweet malt nose; medium-bodied; big crisp hop flavor, lasting bitter hop aftertaste. Good German-style pilsner.
    • KaiserPilsner 0.5l [06/09/04, B, NR, #1392, EUR0.59/1, Tengelmann - Wiesbaden, Germany]
    • Export 0.5l [06/09/04, B, NR, #1393, EUR0.59/1, Tengelmann - Wiesbaden, Germany]

  • Hida Takayama Brewing Agricultural Corporation - Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan
    • Dark Ale 500ml [04/04/01, A, NR, #1258, ¥1370/1, Gonpachi Ginza - Tokyo, Japan]
      This was the best Japanese beer I've had. Not a typical light lager, this was an extraordinarily complex and fruity ale.

  • Highfalls Brewing Company - Rochester, NY, USA
    • American Pale Ale [04/10/23, A, 7, #1282, $5.19/6, Kroger]
      Deep golden orange color; thin to medium-bodied; moderate hop flavor, light and refreshing, hop aftertaste.
    • Dundee's Classic Lager [99/12/17, B, 7, #874, $4.89/6, Tower Package]
      Light golden color; thin to medium-bodied; crisp, light, clean hop and malt flavor, short faint aftertaste. Cheap and drinkable.
    • India Pale Ale [98/02/04, IPA, 8, $3.99/6]
      Hazy golden color; fruity citrus nose; medium-bodied; good hop flavor throughout, long dry hop aftertaste. Quite enjoyable.
    • JW Dundee's Honey Brown Lager [96, B, 5]
      (listed as Dundee's Brewery)
      Copper golden color; almost no smell at all; thin-bodied; slightly bitter in the beginning, then very malty, malty aftertaste. Very faint touch of honey, if you really look for it. With pint glass.
    • Michael Shea's Black & Tan [97/01/19, B, NR]
    • Michael Shea's Blonde Lager [96, B, NR]
    • Michael Shea's Irish Amber Lager [96, B, NR]
      I have three different bottle designs.

  • Highland Brewing Company - Asheville, NC, USA
    • Cold Mountain Winter Ale 22oz [00/01/14, A, 5, #889, $3.06/1, Green's Discount Beverage - Greenville, SC]
      Dark golden color; complex nose, coconut-like; thin-bodied; defined hop flavor, faint sweet coconut flavor is present, quick hop finish and aftertaste.
    • Gaelic Ale [01/01/17, A, 10, #1019, $?.??/6, Green's Discount Beverage - Greenville, SC]
      Dark amber color; faint hop nose; complex malt flavor with a bright hop surge, well-balanced, malty finish and long aftertaste.
    • Oatmeal Porter [99/08/31, P, NR, #813, $7.14/6, Green's Discount Beverage - Greenville, SC]
    • St. Terese's Pale Ale [99/08/30, A, 6, #812, $7.14/6, Green's Discount Beverage - Greenville, SC]
      Dark golden cloudy color; fruity nose; medium-bodied; bitter hop flavor throughout, slightly sharp element in the background, short finish and faint aftertaste.

  • Hite Brewery - Korea
    • Hite 355ml Can [04/01/12, B, NR, #1247, KRW6500/1, Renaissance Seoul Hotel - Seoul, Korea]
      330ml [04/03/28, B, NR, #1247, KRW6500/1, Renaissance Seoul Hotel - Seoul, Korea]
    • Prime 355ml Can [05/06/19, B, NR, #1323, KRW7500/1, Renaissance Seoul Hotel - Seoul, Korea]
    • Stout 330ml [05/06/30, S, NR, #1324, KRW4000/1, Gangnam WA Bar - Seoul, Korea]

  • Henry Saxer Brewing Company - Portland, OR, USA
    • Public Lager [01/04/28, B, 6, #1045, AITM]
      Medium golden color; thin to medium-bodied; balanced, bitter hop and malt flavor, quick finish and faint hop aftertaste.
    • Dark Lager [01/04/29, B, NR, #1046, AITM]

  • Hog's Breath Beer Company - Key West, FL, USA
    (bottled by Wainwright Brewing Company - Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
    • Hog's Breath Beer [01/12/30, B, 3, #1142, $3.00/1, Shorty's Market - Key West, FL]
      Light golden color; fruity nose; thin-bodied; bitter, sudsy flavor, faintly sweet, dry bitter finish and aftertaste.

  • Hook & Ladder Brewing Company - Gilroy, CA, USA
    • Backdraft Brown [01/08/23, A, 9, #1111, AITM]
      Dark amber color; nutty malt nose; medium-bodied; bitter hop flavor with a dry roasted malt presence, long and dry bitter aftertaste.
    • Grassfire Wheat [01/08/23, W, 8, #1110, AITM]
      Light golden color; fruity nose, faintly sweet; bold hop flavor, fruity background, long bitter hop finish and aftertaste.

  • Hoegaarden Brouwerij - Hoegaarden, Belgium
    (with glass and coaster)
    • De Verboden Vrucht 30cl [00/02/13, A, 7, #901, ? - The Netherlands] Cloudy dark golden color; fruity nose, like a fruit salad; medium to full-bodied, huge foamy head; bitter flavor, then a mellow sweet maltiness, fruity, then bitter finish and aftertaste.
    • Hougaerdse Das 25cl [01/06/24, A, NR, #1071, BEF160/1, Holiday Inn - Leuven, Belgium]
    • Original White Ale [96, A, NR]
      With coaster.

  • Hogs Back Brewery - Tongham, Surrey, England
    • Traditional English Ale (T. E. A.) 16.9oz [03/02/08, A, 6, #1201, $3.99/1, Green's Beverages],
      20oz Hand-pulled Draught [05/04/12, A, 6, #1201, The Thatched Tavern - Ascot, England]
      Dark golden color; bitter metallic hop nose; thin-bodied; moderate bitter hop flavor, cloying, long bitter hop finish and aftertaste.

  • Holsten Brauerei - Hamburg, Germany
    • Pils 33cl [01/05/02, B, NR, #1047, £3.15/1, Holiday Inn London-Kings Cross - London, England],
      0.5l [06/09/08, B, NR, #1047, EUR0.54/1, Real - Wiesbaden, Germany]

  • Hornsby's Pubdrafts
    (bottled by E & J Gallo Winery, Modesto, CA, USA)
    • Draft Cider [97/11/27, C, NR]
      Brilliant pale golden color; sour granny smith nose; sweet and crisp, short clean aftertaste.

  • Humboldt Brewing Company - Arcata, CA, USA
    • Pale Ale [01/03/23, A, 9, #1038, Spirits of St. Germain - La Jolla, CA]
      Golden color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied; bright hop flavor, lasting bitter hop aftertaste.

  • Huyghe Brewery - Melle/Ghent, Belgium
    • Bière du Corsaire 11.18oz [03/02//10 A, 6, #1204, ? - Pittsburgh, PA]
      Golden color, big flakes; fresh sourdough nose with hints of apple; full-bodied; thin bitter flavor, hints of honey, faint bitter finish and aftertaste.
    • Delirium Tremens 11.2oz [03/02//26 A, 7, #1205, ? - Pittsburgh, PA]
      Golden color; big apple cider nose; medium-bodied, crip and bubbly; complex fruity flavor, hop presence, short bitter finish and very little aftertaste.

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