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  • Bad Frog Brewery - Evansville, IN, USA
    (also in Rose City, MI, USA)
    • Amber Lager [97/05/16, B, NR]
      Deep golden; bright, faintly yeasty nose and frothy head; crisp pilsner taste; hoppy and refreshing.

  • Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus - Grafenhausen-Rothaus, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Tannen Zäpfle 0.33l [07/08/16, B, NR, #1431, EUR?.??/1, Frittiersalon - Berlin, Germany]

  • Ballast Point Brewing Company - San Deigo, CA, USA
    • Yellowtail Pale Ale 16oz Draught [06/07/17, A, NR, #1381, $4.75/1, Pacific Fish Company - San Diego, CA]

  • Baltika Brewery - Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • 3 16.9oz [03/11/20, B, NR, #1233, $2.49/1, Toco Giant]
    • Gold 500ml Can [04/11/04, B, 4, #1285, ? - Russia]
      Light golden color; clean malt nose with a metallic background; thin-bodied with a big foamy head; light and moderate bitter hop flavor, sweet malt finish and aftertaste.

  • Banff Brewery 11.5oz - Calgary, Alberta, Cananda
    • White Horn Pilsner [98/08/02, B, NR, $5.99/6, Rocky's Package Store]
      Very stong buttery smell - dumped the six pack immediately.

  • Barley Boys Brewery - Omaha, NE, USA
    • "Ed's Red" Pale Ale [97/07/25, A, NR, AITM]
      Reddish amber color; faint hop nose; medium-bodied; balanced, with a bitter hop surge at the end that turns into a malty aftertaste.
    • "Phil's Pils" German Style Pilsner [97/07/25, B, NR, AITM]
      Bright pale golden color; light hoppy aroma; thin-bodied; crisp bitter hop taste, finishes clean with little aftertaste.

  • Bass Brewers - Burton-on-Trent, England
    (with Black & Tan pint glass, glass, several coasters, key chain and Bass bar towel)
    • Carling Black Label 20oz Draught [99/03/21, B, 7, #677, £2.00/1, The Beverly Hotel - Cardiff, Wales]
      Golden color; big clean malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; strong malty flavor with a hop surge, short finish and little aftertaste. With coaster.
    • Country Chase Ale [97/02/22, A, NR]
    • Pale Ale 12oz [96, A, NR], 16.9oz Draught Can, 19.25oz [98/12/16, A, NR, $2.03/1, Green's Beer & Wine]
      Dark golden color; slightly fruity nose; medium-bodied; crisp, light hoppy taste. With post card.

  • Bavaria - Lieshout, Holland
    (with coasters)
    • Holland Beer [98/01/17, B, 5, $5.09/6]
      Pale yellow color; slightly sweet malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; bitter malt and hop flavor, dry aftertaste. Typical lager, but lacks flavor.

  • Beamish & Crawford - Cork, Ireland
    • Irish Stout Draught 14.9oz Can [99/03/06, S, 7, #669, $2.25/1, Belmont Station - Portland, OR]
      Black color; faint malty nose; medium-bodied and creamy; mild bitter roasted malt flavor, long roasted malt aftertaste.
    • Red 10oz Draught [01/08/06, A, NR, #1099, £1.03/1, Ben Nevis Bar - Fort William, Scotland]

  • Bear Republic Brewing Company - Healdsburg, CA, USA
    • Racer 5 16oz Draught [01/11/05, IPA, NR, #1118, $3.00/1, Pacific Coast Brewing Company - Oakland, CA]
    • XP Pale Ale 22oz [05/08/06, A, 6, #1336, $3.29/1, Beverages, & more! - Milpitas, CA]
      Cloudy copper golden color; very light malt nose; medium-bodied and extremely foamy; moderate hop presence, otherwise unremarkable.

  • Beck & Co. Brauerei - Bremen, Germany
    • Beck's [96, B, NR]
      With coaster.
    • Beck's Dark [97/08/01, B, NR]
      Dark amber color; bright nose with a malty background; balanced taste, malty finish and aftertaste. Exactly what you would imagine a Beck's Dark to be.
    • Beck's Oktoberfest [97/10/30, B, NR]
      Amber color; malt and hop nose; well-balanced and zesty throughout, malty beginning, finishes with a bitter surge and a faint aftertaste.

  • Bedele Brewery - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    • Bedele Beer 330ml [05/04/17, B, 3, #1315, ? - Ethiopia]
      Light golden color; sweet vegetal and metallic nose; medium-bodied, fizzy head; tart and sharp bitter flavor, faintly metallic, quick finish and long bitter aftertaste. This beer traveled from Ethiopia to Hong Kong to Singapore to San Francisco to Atlanta.

  • Beer House - Tallinn, Estonia
    (visited brewpub)
    • BH Premium 0.5l Draught [07/05/08, B, NR, #1417, EEK65.00/1, Beer House - Tallinn, Estonia]
    • Dunkles Extra 0.5l Draught [07/05/08, B, NR, #1418, EEK45.00/1, Beer House - Tallinn, Estonia]

  • Belhaven Brewery Company - Dunbar, Scotland
    • Scottish Ale [96, A, NR],
      14.9oz Draught Can [01/08/31, A, NR, $6.49/4, World Beverage]
      Golden amber color; bright fresh nose; well-balanced with a faintly bitter finish.
    • St. Andrews Ale [99/01/01, A, 9, #627, ?- OH]
      Dark reddish amber color; roasted malt nose, nutty; medium-bodied; balanced, toasted malt and hop flavor, malty aftertaste. I have three different bottle designs.

    Bell's Brewery - Comstock, MI, USA
    • Amber Ale [09/07/06, A, NR, #1483, $9.99/6, Cheers Beer & Wine]
    • Java Stout [09/12/11, S, NR, #1494, $14.99/6, Cheers Beer & Wine]
    • Oberon Ale [09/07/15, A, NR, #1484, $9.45/6, Sahil's Package Store]
    • Pale Ale [09/06/27, A, NR, #1482, $9.99/6, Cheers Beer & Wine]
    • Two Hearted Ale [09/11/20, A, NR, #1490, $10.99/6, Cheers Beer & Wine]

  • Big Bang Brewery - St. Paul, MN, USA
    • Apollo 99 Light Ale [98/02/07, LO, 2, $1.19/1]
      Tawny golden color; very faint roasted toffee nose; thin-bodied; bitter surge that ends mid-palate, little to no finish or aftertaste. Low calorie, low flavor.
    • Apollo Lager [97/06/20, B, NR]
      Pale amber color; mild malty nose; malty taste in the beginning, bitter hop finish. Blue bottle.
    • Apollo Space Crafted Ale [97/03/22, A, 7, $1.39/1]
      Golden color; zesty malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; complex spicy zesty flavor, lacks hops, faint dry hop aftertaste. Blue bottle.

  • Big Rock Brewing Company - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    • Chinook Pale Ale [99/07/22, A, 5, #773, ? - Vancouver, BC, Canada]
      Golden color; hop nose; thin-bodied; moderate hop flavor, ends somewhat abruptly and fades into a dry hop aftertaste.

  • Birmingham Brewing Company - Birmingham, AL, USA
    • Red Mountain Red Ale [98/07/18, A, 4, AITM]
      Reddish amber color; faintly malty nose; medium-bodied; bitter hop flavor in the beginning and middle, the rest is a bit off, malty but with some unpleasant and buttery flavors.

  • Bison Brewing - Berkeley, CA, USA
    • Bison Pale Ale [00/07/14, A, 9, #959, $4.99/6, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Copper golden color, cloudy; citrus floral hop nose; bright hop flavor with a faint malty presence, long dry hop aftertaste.

  • Bitburger Privatbrauerei - Bitburg, Germany
    • Premium Pils 12oz [98/02/06, B, 8, $7.99/6],
      0.33l [00/10/02, B, NR, DEM4,50/1, Hotel Manhatten - Frankfurt, Germany],
      0.5l [06/09/08, B, NR, EUR0.64/1, Real - Wiesbaden, Germany]
      Pale straw golden color; big hop and malt nose; medium-bodied; crisp hop flavor, backed with a malty flavor, long malty aftertaste. A good straightforward German style pilsner. With coaster and two bottles (one from Germany).

  • Black Sheep Brewery - Masham, North Yorkshire, England
    • Bitter 10oz Draught [01/08/04, A, NR, #1095, £1.10/1, Hogshead - Stirling, Scotland]
    • Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale 16.9oz [03/01/12, A, 5, #1194, $3.06/1, Green's Beverages]
      Hazy dark golden color; faint hop nose; thin-bodied; bitter and tart hop flavor, finish and aftertaste. It is almost sour at times and quite bland.
    • Riggwelter Yorkshire Ale 16.9oz [03/01/12, A, 6, #1193, $3.06/1, Green's Beverages]
      Dark brown color; bitter roasted malt nose; thin-bodied, foamy head; bitter malt flavor, tart with hints of roasted malt, long bitter malt finish and aftertaste.

  • Blind Man Ales - Athens, GA, USA
    • American Pale Ale [97/02/22, A, 7]
      Cloudy light golden color; bright floral bouquet, but has a curious wheaty element; medium-bodied, thick head; very hoppy taste throughout, dry hop aftertaste.
    • English Pale Ale [98/12/11, A, 3, $6.63/6, Tower Package Store]
      Bright golden color, cloudy; sour, vinous nose; highly carbonated and foamy with a very big head; strong malty flavor, unbalanced with a long strong aftertaste. This batch is uncharacteristic of their beer.
    • Espresso Stout [97/12/05, S, NR]
      Black color with a brownish tinge; strong bitter roasty nose; medium-bodied; quite bitter, very pronounced roasted coffee taste and aftertaste.
    • India Brown Ale [97/12/26, A, 9]
      Dark brown color with an amber tinge; zesty, bitter hop nose; thin to medium-bodied; very crisp hop taste, long aftertaste, very little malt presence.

  • Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company - Portland, OR, USA
    (also in Seattle, WA, USA; Baltimore, MD, USA and La Crosse, WI, USA)
    • Blue Boar Pale Ale [96, A, NR]
    • Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve [96, B, NR]

  • Binding Brauerei - Frankfurt, Germany
    • Römer Pils 0.5l [06/09/04, B, NR, #1394, EUR0.59/1, Tengelmann - Wiesbaden, Germany]
    • Römer Pilsener Spezial 0.33l [00/10/02, B, NR, #986, DEM4,50/1, Hotel Manhatten - Frankfurt, Germany]

  • Blue Moon Brewing Company - Denver, CO, USA
    (bottled in Cincinnati, OH, USA; with coaster)
    • Abbey Ale [97/04/05, A, NR]
      Amber colored, slightly fruity smell; overbearing sweet taste.
    • Belgian White Ale [96, A, NR]
    • Honey Blonde Ale [97/01/02, A, NR]

  • Boar's Head - Panama City Beach, FL, USA
    (bottled by Birmingham Brewing Company - Birmingham, AL, USA)
    • Red [98/05/23, A, 0, $0.99/1, Charlie Lahan's Carousel - Laguna Beach, FL]
      Reddish amber color; slightly sour fruity nose; sour taste, this is terrible and not worth describing, maybe it's gone bad.

  • Boon Rawd Brewery Company - Bangkok, Thailand
    (with Singha Gold glass)
    • Singha [04/05/15, B, NR, #1261]

  • Bosteels Brouwerij - Buggenhout, Belgium
    • KWAK 33cl [00/01/15, A, 9, #892, ? - The Netherlands]
      Dark golden color; clean sweet malty nose; medium-bodied; sweet malty flavor, slight bitter hop presence, moderate sweet aftertaste.

  • Boston Beer Company - Boston, MA, USA
    (also in Ceres, CA, USA; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Leheigh Valley, PA, USA; Portland, OR, USA and Rochester, NY, USA; with bag and two coasters)
    (visited brew house in Washington Dulles airport)
    • Sam Adams Triple Bock 8.45oz [99/11/19, BK, 13, #857, $4.99/1, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Dark black brown color; strong chocolate sherry nose; full-bodied, no head; big and full chocolate malt flavor, very long and strong chocolate liqueur aftertaste. Bottled in a thin blue bottle with a cork. I have two different bottles, one is labeled as 1995 BREW RESERVE, which seems to be the same.
    • Samuel Adams Black Lager [05/03/25, B, NR, #1307, $7.33/6, All American Package]
    • Samuel Adams Boston Ale [97/05/24, A, NR]
      Deep golden amber hue; pleasantly fruity and faintly zesty smell; medium-bodied; crisp and moderate hop bite, slightly zesty malty middle, clean finish and faint bitter aftertaste. A balanced and refreshing brew. I have four different bottles.
    • Samuel Adams Boston Lager 12oz [96, B, NR],
      22oz [98/08/07, $1.99/1, Green's Beer & Wine]
      Golden color; slightly fruity and malty nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, crisp taste with a hoppy finish. I have twelve 12oz bottle designs, two 22oz bottle designs, a plastic cup and two coasters.
    • Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat [97/05/21, W, 6]
      Golden color; big cherry nose; thin to medium-bodied, crisp and balanced, cherry flavor comes through a little towards the end and during the aftertaste. It's not nearly as fruity as it smells.
    • Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock 25.4oz [04/03/20, BK, 10, #1256, $14.99/1, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Ruby black color; roasted malt nose; medium-bodied; roasted malt flavor, sweet chocolate finish and malty aftertaste. Quite expensive.
    • Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic [97/12/26, W, 7]
      Cloudy light golden color; wheaty nose, backed by a tart cranberry aroma; thin-bodied; tart and bitter taste, pronounced cranberry flavor, comes and goes quickly, berry fruity aftertaste.
    • Samuel Adams Cream Stout [97/05/24, S, NR]
      Thick dark color; roasted malt nose, bitter up front, dry malty aftertaste. I have three different bottle designs.
    • Samuel Adams Double Bock [97/06/21, BK, NR]
      Dark reddish color; faint malty nose; full-bodied, rich and quite sweet. Very malty aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Samuel Adams Golden Pilsner [97/12/26, B, 11]
      Golden color; big malty nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, good combination of hop and malt flavors, faint malty aftertaste.
    • Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner [07/12/19, B, NR, #1449, $10.99/4, Cheers Beer & Wine]
    • Samuel Adams Hefeweizen [04/??/??, W, NR, #1259]
    • Samuel Adams Honey Porter [97/06/16, P, NR]
      Dark color with a faint reddish hue; complex nose; robust and full-bodied, bitter hop taste fades into a malty finish. Honey does not really come through at all, except a little bit during the aftertaste.
    • Samuel Adams IPA [99/09/22, IPA, 7, #816, $10.19/12, Tower Package],
      20oz Draught [00/06/03, IPA, 7, #816, $4.99/1, Samuel Adams Brew House - IAD Airport, Dulles, VA]
      Dark golden color; light floral hop nose; medium-bodied; moderate bitter hop flavor, mild finish and aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Samuel Adams Noble Pils [10/01/30, B, NR, #1500, 7.99/6, Kroger]
    • Samuel Adams Light [02/11/09, LO, 4, #1177, 10.99/12, Green's Beverages]
      Golden color; bread-like malt nose; thin-bodied, fizzy; uninteresting hop and malt flavor, moderate bitter aftertaste.
    • Samuel Adams October Fest [97/10/08, B, NR]
      Deep golden color; spicy, fruity nose; well-balanced, taste is spicy like the nose, with a dry hop finish. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale [00/12/23, A, 11, #1016, ? - Enterprise, AL]
      Dark amber color; complex malty nose with whisps of fruit and spices; full-bodied; robust toasted malty flavor, complex with hints of spices and sweetness, light hop bitterness fades into lasting bitter hop aftertaste.
    • Samuel Adams Pale Ale [00/02/05, A, 6, #897, $5.79/6, Tower Package]
      Light golden color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied; light bitter hop flavor throughout, moderate lasting aftertaste. Quite standard. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Samuel Adams Spring Ale [98/11/13, A, 5, $13.28/12, Green's Beer & Wine]
      Medium to pale golden color; slightly fruity nose; medium-bodied; moderate hop bitterness, crisp, mild maltyness, faint bitter aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Samuel Adams Summer Ale [98/06/08, A, 8, $6.49/6, Green's Beer & Wine]
      Cloudy pale golden orange color; faint nose; thin-bodied; crisp and tangy, the paradise and lemon zest add a nice touch. Pleasent hop bitterness and a long malty ending and aftertaste. I have three different bottle designs.
    • Samuel Adams Scotch Ale [97/08/15, A, NR]
      Dark amber color; rich and slightly sweet malty nose; well balanced, malty beginning with a bitter and and a long malty aftertaste.
    • Samuel Adams Vienna Style Lager [02/11/12, B, NR, #1178, 10.99/12, Green's Beverages]
    • Sam Adams Weiss Bier [02/01/30, W, 8, #1144, $?.??/12, Publix]
      Cloudy pale golden color; strong wheat nose; medium-bodied; big foamy head, big hop flavor, fruity with a faint malt background, long fruity finish and bitter aftertaste.
    • Samuel Adams White Ale [97/12/26, A, 7]
      Light golden color, hazy; fruity nose, malty background; medium-bodied; bitter hop taste in the beginning, faintly sweet and fruity, malty ending and aftertaste.
    • Samuel Adams Winter Lager [97/11/14, B, NR]
      Amber color; spicy, complex malty aroma, fruity; medium-bodied; well-balanced, zesty complex malt flavor, hops stay in the background and surface during the aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.

  • Boulder Beer Company - Boulder, CO, USA
    (also Rockies Brewing Company)
    (visited Rockies Brewery)
    • Boulder Extra Pale Ale [96, A, NR]
    • Boulder Porter [97/11/29, P, NR]
      Dark black ruby color; floral hop nose, roasty; full-bodied; complex taste, bitter up front and in the middle, roasty finish and aftertaste, slightly bitter.
    • Boulder Stout [98/05/23, S, 6, $6.99/6, Charlie Lahan's Carousel - Laguna Beach, FL]
      Black color; roasted malt nose; medium to full-bodied; chocolate roasted malt flavor, long roasty aftertaste. Good but quite standard.
    • Buffalo Gold [01/01/31, A, 7, #1021, ATIM]
      Light golden color; faint floral hop nose; medium-bodied; bright and lasting zesty hop flavor, long bitter hop aftertaste. The bottle lists the brewer as The Walnut Brewery.
    • Hazed & Infused [03/11/26, A, NR, #1243, $6.99/6, Barnes Liquor Mart - Colorado Springs, CO]
    • Mojo IPA 20oz Draught [06/05/13, IPA, NR, #1370, $3.99/1, Old Chicago - Colorado Springs, CO]
    • Never Summer Ale 16oz Draught [09/11/25, A, NR, #1492, $4.69/1, Old Chicago - Colorado Springs, CO]
    • Singletrack Copper Ale [01/02/01, A, 8, #1023, AITM],
      20oz Draught [05/03/08, A, 8, #1023] Deep golden color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied; bright hop flavor, balanced with a malty background, long bitter hop finish and aftertaste. With pint glass from Rock Bottom Westminster.

  • Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro - Bellingham, WA, USA
    • Imperial IPA 16oz Draught [06/06/08, IPA, NR, #1378, $5.00/1, Tap House Grill - Seattle, WA]

  • Brand Bierbrouwerij (Heineken) - Wijlre, The Netherlands
    • Brand Pilsner 0.25l Draught [07/11/25, B, NR, #1447, EUR2.10/1, Proef Eten & Drinken - Amsterdam, The Netherlands]
    • Brand Urtyp 0.25l Draught [07/11/25, B, NR, #1448, EUR2.30/1, Proef Eten & Drinken - Amsterdam, The Netherlands]

  • Breckenridge Brewery - Birmingham, AL, USA
    (visited Breckenridge Brewery in Birmingham and acquired a coaster, but did not try any beer)

  • Breckenridge Brewery - Denver, CO, USA
    (also in Buffalo, NY, USA; visited Breckenridge Brewery in Denver and acquired a pint glass, sampler placemat, bag and coaster)
    • Avalanche 5oz Draught [98/06/16, A, NR],
      12oz [98/05/24, A, NR, $6.99/6, Cash's - Sandestin, FL]
      I have two different bottle designs.
    • Hefe Proper [03/11/27, W, NR, #1236, $6.99/1, Barnes Liquor Mart - Colorado Springs, CO]
    • India Pale Ale 5oz Draught [98/06/16, IPA, 10],
      12oz [96, IPA, 10]
      Hazy dark golden color, lots of floating bits; bright citrus hop nose, thick head; medium-bodied; big, well-hopped flavor, slightly malty ending, long dry hop aftertaste.
    • Oatmeal Stout 5oz Draught [98/06/16, S, NR],
      12oz [98/02/08, S, 8, $1.19/1]
      Black color; slightly bitter roasted malt nose; medium to full-bodied; crisp bitter taste, strong roasted malt presence, long chocolate bittersweet aftertaste.
    • Mountain Wheat 5oz Draught [98/06/16, W, NR]
    • Octoberfest 16oz Draught [00/11/25, B, NR, #1006]
    • Old World Pilsner 5oz Draught [98/06/16, B, NR]
    • Pandora's Bock 5oz Draught [98/06/16, BK, NR]

  • Bricktown Brewery - Oklahoma City, OK, USA
    • Copperhead Amber Ale [00/08/14, A, 6, #968, AITM]
      Copper golden color; faint fruity nose; thin to medium-bodied; well-balanced with a bitter hop and malty flavor, short clean finish with a faint bitter hop aftertaste.

  • BridgePort Brewing Company - Portland, OR, USA
    (with coaster, and India Pale Ale coaster)
    • 1999 Old Knucklehead [00/01/15, BW, 10, #890, $2.10/1, Belmont Station - Portland, OR]
      Dark copper amber color; complex nose, nutty malty and floral presence; full-bodied; strong malty flavor with a good dose of hops, flavors linger into the aftertaste.
    • Black Strap Stout [97/09/02, S, NR]
      Black color; rich malty, bittersweet nose; malty flavor throughout, lasting bitter end and aftertaste.
    • Ebenezer Ale [09/12/28, A, NR, #1495, $7.99/6, Atlanta Package Beer & Wine]
    • ESB [06/08/25, A, NR, #1387, $7.49/6, Kroger]
    • India Pale Ale [03/01/27, IPA, 6, #1198, $6.99/6, Safeway - Belmont, CA]
      Golden color; citrus hop nose; medium-bodied; moderate bitter hop flavor, finish and aftertase. A bit dull.
    • Ropewalk Amber Ale 20oz Draught [06/05/13, A, NR, #1369, $3.99/1, Old Chicago - Colorado Springs, CO]

  • Brimstone Brewing Company - Frederick, MD, USA
    (owned and bottled by Frederick Brewing Company - Frederick, MD, USA)
    • Honey Red [99/09/25, A, 5, #818, AITM]
      Dark golden color; very faint fruity honey nose; thin to medium-bodied; tart bitter flavor, quick and lightly sweet malty finish and short aftertaste.
    • Irish Wake Stout [99/04/10, S, 8, #703, $6.30/6, Green's Beverages]
      Black color; roasted malt nose; medium-bodied; big bitter roasty flavor throughout, very long dry roasted malt aftertaste.

  • Bristol Brewing Company - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
    (visited brewery)
    • Beehive Honey Wheat 2oz Draught [03/11/28, W, NR, #1239, $3.50/8]
    • Edge City Pilsner 16oz Draught [08/06/20, P, NR, #1463, $3.99/1, Old Chicago - Colorado Springs, CO]
    • Edge City IPA (Compass IPA) 16oz Draught [08/06/21, IPA, NR, #1465, V Bar - Colorado Springs, CO]
    • Java Porter 2oz Draught [03/11/28, P, NR, #1243, $3.50/8]
    • IPA 2oz Draught [03/11/28, IPA, NR, #1242, $3.50/8]
    • Laughing Lab Scotish Ale 2oz Draught [03/11/28, A, 7, #1010, $3.50/8],
      [00/12/08, A, 7, #1010, $12.99/12, Cheers Liquor Mart - Colorado Springs, CO]
    • Mass Transit Ale 2oz Draught [03/11/28, A, NR, #1240, $3.50/8]
    • Pilsner 2oz Draught [03/11/28, B, NR, #1238, $3.50/8]
      Dark copper color; light fruity nose; thin-bodied; defined malty flavor, well-balanced with a faint hop character, quick finish and little aftertaste.
    • Red Rocket Pale Ale 2oz Draught [03/11/28, A, NR, #1241, $3.50/8],
      16oz Draught [03/11/28, A, NR, #1241, $3.50/1]
    • Warlock Oatmeal Stout 2oz Draught [03/11/28, S, NR, #1181, $3.50/8],
      20oz Draught [02/11/27, S, NR, #1181, Chili's - Colorado Springs, CO]

  • Broughton Ales Limited - Broughton, Peeblesshire - Scotland
    • Kinmount Willie 16.9oz [04/08/06, S, 9, #1266, Whole Foods]
      Black color; slightly sweet roasted malt nose; medium-bodied; bitter and sweet malty flavor, complex and balanced, long bitter malt finish and roasted malt aftertaste.

  • Brooklyn Brewery - Brooklyn, NY, USA
    (bottled in Utica, NY, USA)
    (visited brewery)
    • 2004 Monster Ale [05/07/30, BW, 11, #1334, $1.72/1, Green's Beverages]
      Deep golden color; complex malt nose; full-bodied; robust malt flavor, delicately sweet but not overdone, moderate hop presence, blends nicely into the finish and aftertaste.
    • Black Chocolate Stout (Winter '04 - '05) [04/12/11, S, 11, #1287, $7.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Black color; big rich sweet chocolate nose; medium to full-bodied; well-balanced with a sweet, rich and very complex toasted and chocolate malt flavor, lasting sweet malt finish and aftertaste.
    • Blast! IPA 12oz Draught [08/06/01, IPA, NR, #1461, Brooklyn Brewery, NY]
    • Brown Ale [99/05/12, A, 8, #725, AITM]
      Deep reddish amber color; dry complex malt nose; medium-bodied; malty flavor with a spicy hop surge, faint roasted malt finish and aftertaste.
    • East India Pale Ale [99/05/08, IPA, 8, #724, AITM]
      Golden amber color; fruity spicy aroma (like fruit slice candy); medium-bodied; malty beginning, hop flavor, dry hop finish and aftertaste.
    • Pennant Pale Ale [00/10/31, A, 8, #993, AITM],
      12oz Draught [08/06/01, A, 8, #993, Brooklyn Brewery, NY]
      Dark golden color; caramel malt nose; medium-bodied; dominant malt flavor, bitter hop presence in the background, long and pronounced dry bitter aftertaste.
    • Pennant Pale Ale '55 [06/02/01, A, 9, #1348]
      Golden color; faint hop nose; medium-bodied; bright and refreshing, crisp citrus hop flavor, balanced malt background, faint hop finish and aftertaste.
    • Pilsner [02/10/20, B, NR, #1176, $1.50/1, 2nd & 82nd Deli - New York, NY]

  • Budweiser Budvar Brewery - Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
    • Budweiser Budvar 330ml [99/03/24, B, 9, #690, £1.60/1, The Gallery - Llangollen, Wales],
      330ml [05/09/20, B, 9, #690, CZK75/1, Diplomat - Prague, Czech Republic],
      0.5l Draught [00/09/29, B, NR, #690, ATS41/1, Zur Goldenen Ente - Salzburg, Austria]
      Golden color; big clean malt nose, slightly sweet; medium-bodied; malty flavor up front, good hop presence, clean finish and short aftertaste. With coaster.
    • Czechvar 16.9oz [01/07/28, B, 7, #1092]
      Pale golden color; clean and sweet malt nose; thin-bodied; crisp and clean hop flavor, balanced, slightly sweet malt background, short finish and not much of an aftertaste.

  • Buffalo Bill's Brewery - Hayward, CA, USA
    (bottled by Dubuque Brewing Company - Dubuque, IA, USA)
    • Alimony Ale [97/05/10, A, NR]
      Deep dark amber color; strong hoppy smell with a faint malty background; bitter flavor in the beginning, malt comes through at the end.

  • Burtonwood Brewery - Warrington, Cheshire, England
    • Bitter Smooth 10oz Draught [99/03/23, A, 7, #683, £0.88/1, Skinners Arms - Machynlleth, Wales]
      Dark golden color; slightly fruity grapefruit nose; thin-bodied; pronounced bitter flavor throughout, moderate bitter finish and long aftertaste.

  • Butterfield Brewing Company - Fresno, CA, USA
    • Bridalveil Amber Ale [99/08/17, A, NR, #803, $7.54/6, Voyager Liquors - Sunnyvale, CA]
    • Mt. Whitney Pale Ale [99/08/09, A, NR, #794, $1.61/1, Andronicos - Palo Alto, CA]

  • Buzzards Bay Brewing Company - Westport, MA, USA
    • Buzzards Bay Stock Ale [99/10/30, A, 6, #840, AITM]
      Amber color; complex roasted malt nose; thin-bodied; bitter hop and faint malty flavor, balanced but thin and sharp, short finish and faint aftertaste.
    • Buzzards Bay West Porter [01/03/01, P, 8, #1034, AITM]
      Black color; roasted malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; balanced, hop and bitter roasted malt flavor, dry finish and long aftertaste.
    • Olde Buzzard Lager [01/03/01, B, 8, #1033, AITM]
      Pale yellow-golden color; fruity nose; thin to medium-bodied; bright hop surge, zesty and crisp, malt background, light bitter hop aftertaste. Quite hoppy for a lager.
    • Olde Buzzard Pale Ale [99/10/23, A, 8, #833, AITM]
      Dark golden amber color; bright floral hop nose; medium-bodied; big hop flavor, finish and aftertaste.

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