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  • W. H. Brakspear - Henley-on-Thames, England
    • Henley Ale 16.9oz [97/02/07, A, NR]
    • Vintage Henley 16.9oz [02/07/18, A, 11, #1166, $1.99/1, Green's Beverages]
      Dark brown color; big roasted malt nose; full-bodied; pronounced bitter hop surge, nutty and balanced roasted malt flavor, faintly sweet and lasting bitter hop aftertaste.

  • Wagner Brewing Company - Lodi, NJ, USA
    • Dockside Amber Lager [99/06/06, B, 8, #751, AITM]
      Amber color; complex malt nose; medium-bodied; good balance with a hop surge, short malty finish, faintly sweet.

  • Wainwright Brewing Company - Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    • "Black Jack" Black & Tan [97/08/31, B, NR]
      Dark amber-brown color; faint roasty malty nose; subdued malty flavor in the beginning, ends with a slight bitterness and malty aftertaste.

  • Wanker Beer - Newport Beach, CA, USA
    (bottled by Pittburgh Brewing Company - Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
    • Light [96, LO, NR]

  • Ward's Brewery - Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
    (owned by Vaux Breweries)
    • Waggle Dance 10oz Draught [99/03/24, A, 8, #689, £0.88/1, Masons Arms - Denbigh, Wales]
      Golden color; light fruity nose; thin to medium-bodied; big bitter taste and long bitter aftertaste.

  • Warsteiner Brauerei - Warstein, Germany
    (with Oktoberfest coaster and 0.2l glass)
    • Premium 12oz, 16oz Can [96, B, NR]
      Brilliant pale golden color; distinct malt nose; light-bodied; dry balanced taste, hoppy beginning and a malty finish. With coaster and 1 Liter glass.

  • Water Street Brewing Company - Modesto, CA, USA
    (also in Chicago, IL, USA and Dubuque, IA, USA)
    • Rowdy's Perfect Ale [97/12/27, A, 10]
      Reddish amber color; rich, sweet and roasty nose; medium to full-bodied; rich, strong malty taste, slightly sweet and roasted malt aftertaste. Could be classified as a porter.
    • Rowdy's Perfect Amber Ale [98/01/04, A, 9]
      Reddish amber color; light fruity nose; medium-bodied; good balance, crisp malt and hop flavor, malty finish and aftertaste.
    • Rowdy's Perfect Pale Ale [98/01/04, A, 7]
      Golden color; complex hop nose; thin to medium-bodied; good hop flavor, but fades quickly leaving only a faint aftertaste.

  • Watney Truman - London, England
    (bottled by Sleeman Brewing & Malting Company, Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
    • Cream Stout [97/04/24, S, NR]
      Black; faint dark and rich smell; smooth with a slightly chocolate tinge and a malty finish.
    • Red Barrel [97/07/11, A, NR]
      Amber color; malty, faintly sweet nose; medium-bodied, vary malty throughout with a slight bitterness at the end.

  • Weeping Radish Brewery - Manteo, NC, USA
    (bottled in Baltimore, MD, USA)
    • Black Radish Dark Lager [98/05/29, B, NR, Darryl's Restaurant & Bar - Raleigh, NC],
      12 oz [00/11/12, B, 7, AITM]
      Dark ruby color; faint nutty malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; bright zesty hop surge with a roasted malt background, then a long dry bitter hop aftertaste.
    • Fest Amber Lager [99/03/04, B, 6, #659, AITM]
      Deep amber color; floral hop nose, but with a lingering buttery background; medium-bodied; big delicious spicy hop flavor, but again with a buttery hint, dry hop aftertaste. Tried again on 00/10/30, no buttery flavor this time.

  • Weetwood Ales - Weetwood, Cheshire, England
    • Eastgate Ale 20oz Hand-pulled Draught [99/03/24, A, 8, #692, £1.70/1, The Sun - Llangollen, Wales]
      Dark golden color; faint fruity nose; thin to medium-bodied; balanced, malty flavor with a bitter element, slightly bitter finish and aftertaste.

  • Weihenstephan Staatsbrauerei - Freising, Germany
    • Hefe Weissbier [00/10/08, W, 9, #987, $5.99/6, Peachtree Package]
      Light golden cloudy color; yeasty nose; medium-bodied; bright hop flavor, big yeast presence, bitter hop aftertaste.

  • Welsh Brewers - Cardiff, Wales
    (owned by Bass Brewers)
    • Hancock's HB 20oz Draught [99/03/21, A, 8, #676, £1.80/1, The Beverly Hotel - Cardiff, Wales]
      Dark golden color; fruity pear nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, good malt presence and a hop bite, moderate hoppy aftertaste.
    • Worthington Creameflow Bitter 20oz Draught [99/03/22, A, 7, #679, £2.00/1, Le Figaro - Aberystwyth, Wales]
      Dark golden color; faintly fruity nose; creamy, medium-bodied; well-balanced with a light hop presence, clean finish and short aftertaste.

  • Wells & Young's Brewery - Bedford, England
    • Wells Bombardier 20oz Hand-pulled Draught [10/03/28, A, NR, #1507, £3.10/1, The Bridge House - London, England]

  • Werner-Bräu - Poppenhausen, Germany
    • Pilsner 0.3l Draught [00/09/26, B, NR, #973, DEM3,60/1, Hotel Am Markt - Würzberg, Germany]

  • Western Reserve Brewing Company - Cleveland, OH, USA
    • Cloud Nine [00/09/15, A, 7, #971, AITM]
      Pale white golden color, cloudy; powerful creamed corn yeast nose; thin-bodied; very yeasty flavor, faint bitter zesty citrus hop flavor, short finish and aftertaste.

  • Wexford Ale Company - England
    • Irish Cream Ale Draught 14.9oz [98/10/10, A, 6, $4.99/4, Tower Package Store]
      Copper golden color; light fruity nose; medium-bodied; smooth, balanced, long bitter aftertaste.

  • Whitbread Beer Company - London, England
    (also in Cincinnati, OH, USA)
    (with Best Scotch coaster)
    • Pale Ale [97/02/28, A, 8]
      Dark golden color; hop and malt nose; medium-bodied; big hop and malt flavor, moderate bitter hop finish and aftertaste. With coaster, and two different bottle designs.
    • Best Bitter 20oz Draught [99/03/26, A, 6, #699, £2.40/1, The Brighton Belle Bar - Gatwick, England]
      Dark golden amber color; light fruity nose; thin to medium-bodied; mild bitter hop and malt flavor; quick hop finish and almost no aftertaste.
    • Mackeson XXX Stout [97/05/09, S, NR]
      Black color; rich malt nose; sweet with a slight surge of bitterness that quickly fades into a malt aftertase.

  • Whim Ales - Hartington, Derbyshire, England
    • Old Izaak 16.9oz [04/07/29, A, 10, #1265, Whole Foods]
      Copper color; strong fruity nose; medium-bodied, rocky head; well-balanced hop and malt flavor, toasted malt presence, dry roasted malt finish.

  • Whole Foods Market - Austin, TX, USA
    (bottled by Goose Island Beer Company - Chicago, IL, USA)
    • Lamar St. Pale Ale [02/??/??, A, NR, #1187]
      Not sure when this one was tasted, though it was sometime in latter part of 2002. Gave it #1187 as I was organizing my notes from 2002.

  • Widmer Brothers Brewing Company - Portland, OR, USA
    (with coaster)
    • Big Ben Porter [99/06/20, P, 10, #760]
      Dark brown amber color; rich and complex roasted malt nose; medium-bodied; roasted malt flavor, complex, bittersweet at times, defined roasted malt aftertaste.
    • Drop Top Amber Ale [06/01/24, A, NR, #1347]
    • Drifter Pale Ale [09/08/06, A, NR, #1486, $?.??/6, Sahil's Package Store]
    • Hefewiezen [99/06/20, W, 7, #759]
      Light golden cloudy color; clean malt nose; medium-bodied; malty beginning, hop surge in the middle, dry hop finish and aftertaste. Quite hoppy for a wheat beer.
    • Hop Jack Pale Ale [98/09/26, A, 10, $6.99/6, Lake Vista Liquors - Sunnyvale, CA]
      Golden color; faint floral hop nose; medium-bodied; plenty of hops, crisp and refreshing with a zesty flavor, dry hop aftertaste.
    • Ray's Amber Lager [98/09/26, B, 8, $6.99/6, Lake Vista Liquors - Sunnyvale, CA]
      Amber color; slightly fruity nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, as the bottle says "not too sweet, not too bitter", short bitter finish with a slight aftertaste.
    • Spring Run IPA [03/05/13, IPA, 9, #1218, $6.99/6, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Golden color; floral hop nose; medium-bodied; bright and crisp bitter hop flavor, lasting bitter hop finish and aftertaste. Excellent hoppy american-style IPA.

  • Wild Goose Brewery - Frederick, MD, USA
    (owned and bottled by Frederick Brewing Company - Frederick, MD, USA)
    • Amber [99/09/24, A, 8, #817, AITM]
      Amber color; light complex nose; medium-bodied; bright hop flavor with a malty background, long dry hop aftertaste.
    • India Pale Ale [98/12/12, IPA, 10, $6.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Pale amber color; medium-bodied; brief malty strong ale flavor, then a very big bright hop flavor, dry hop aftertaste.
    • Porter [98/12/14, P, 13, $6.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Black color; roasted malt nose; full-bodied and thick; rich, bitter roasted malt flavor, faintly sweet at times, roasted malt aftertaste.
    • SnowGoose Winter Ale [98/12/05, A, 6, $6.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Dark amber color; very light spicy nose, faint floral background, medium-bodied; rich, spiced malt flavor, somewhat sweet and heavy, sweet slightly bitter aftertaste.

  • Wilmington Brewing Company - Wilmington, NC, USA
    • Dergy's Amber Ale [97/09/24, A, NR]
      Golden amber color; faintly fruity and sweet malty nose; thin-bodied; very malty, with a surge of bitter hop taste in the middle, end with a roasty malt aftertaste.
    • Dergy's Golden Ale [97/09/23, A, NR]
      Golden color; slighty malty nose; thin-bodied; very malty throughout, hoppy ending, and faint malty aftertaste.

  • William & Scott Brewing Company - Culver City, CA, USA
    (visited Rhino Chasers pub in Los Angeles airport, also in St. Paul, MN, USA)
    • Rhino Chasers American Amber Ale [97/01/23, A, NR],
      16oz Draught [00/03/16, A, NR, $4.75/1]
      Tawny golden color; fruity, spicy nose; medium-bodied; hoppy in the beginning, finishes with a zesty hop flavor, faint aftertaste.
    • Rhino Chasers Dark Roasted Läger [97/01/03, B, NR]

  • Williamsville Brewery - Fernandina Beach, FL, USA
    • Amelia Ale [98/07/04, A, 6, $6.99/6, Charlie Lahan's Carousel - Laguna Beach, FL]
      Dark golden color; sweet malty nose; medium-bodied; bitter hop taste in the beginning, faintly sweet malty taste like the nose, defined bitter hop aftertaste.
    • Border Porter [98/06/20, P, 8, $5.99/6, Green's Beverages - Greenville, SC]
      Black color; rich, chocolate nose; medium to full-bodied; complex and robust roasted malt flavor, long roasted, slightly sweet and dry aftertaste.

  • Wisconsin Brewing Company - Wauwatosa, WI, USA
    (also in Black River Fallas, WI, USA)
    • Badger Porter [97/12/30, P, 7, AITM]
      Dark ruby color; slightly rich sweet and roasted malt nose; medium-bodied; bitter malt and hop taste throughout, faintly rich roasty aftertaste.
    • Rainbow Red Ale [97/12/30, A, 10, AITM]
      Dark golden amber color; citrus hop nose; bright, zesty bitter hop taste, fades slightly towards the end, long dry hop aftertaste. Hoppy like a pale ale.
    • Silver Fox Winter Ale [97/12/30, A, 6, AITM]
      Hazy golden color; faint floral nose; thin to medium-bodied; balanced, more hoppy in the beginning, short finish, slightly malty aftertaste.
    • Whitetail Cream Ale [99/09/02, A, 6, #814, AITM]
      Deep golden color; very faint floral hop nose with a buttery element; thin-bodied; quite bright and lasting bitter hop flavor, similar finish and aftertaste.

  • Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries - Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
    • Bank's Bitter 10oz Hand-pulled Draught [99/03/23, A, 8, #682, £0.78/1, The Varsity - Aberystwyth, Wales]
      Deep golden color; light honey-like fruity nose; medium-bodied; bitter flavor throughout with a faint sweet finish and short bitter aftertaste.
    • Bank's Easter Ale 10oz Hand-pulled Draught [99/03/24, A, 10, #687, £0.90/1, The Bridge - Conwy, Wales]
      Bright golden color; big floral hop nose; medium-bodied; big bright bitter hop flavor, long hop aftertaste.
    • Bank's Original 10oz Hand-pulled Draught [99/03/24, A, 7, #686, £0.70/1, The Bridge - Conwy, Wales]
      Golden amber color; light fruity nose; medium-bodied; balanced, hop and malt flavor, short hop finish.

  • Wörner Privatbrauerei - Reichelshofen, Germany
    • Rothenburger Landwehr-Bier 0.5l Draught [00/09/27, B, NR, #974, DEM6.70/1, Reichsküchenmeister - Rothenburg, Germany]

  • Würzbürger Hofbräu - Würzberg, Germany
    (with paper glass ring)
    • Pils 0.3l Draught [00/10/02, B, NR, #985, DEM4,50/1, Garden Rainbow - Frankfurt, Germany]

  • Wychwood Brewery - Witney, Oxfordshire, England
    • Black Wych 16.9oz [02/11/16, S, 9, #1179, $3.06/1, Green's Beverages]
      Black color; light roasted malt nose; medium-bodied; bitter roasted malt flavor, long lasting bitter malt finish and aftertaste. Quite bitter.
    • Fiddler's Elbow 16.9oz [01/02/10, A, 12, #1026, $2.99/1, Tower Package]
      Dark golden brown color; big complex fruity nose; medium-bodied; robust flavor, toasty and malty, balanced with a bright hop surge and lasting hop finish.
    • Goliath Ale 22.3oz [03/12/12, A, 9, #1244, $3.77/1, Green's Beverages]
      Dark golden color; strong toffee malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; balanced toasted malt flavor, bitter hop presence, long bitter hop finish and lasting aftertaste.
    • Hobgoblin 12oz [03/08/01, A, 9, #1027, $9.19/6, Green's Beverages],
      16.9oz [01/02/10, A, 9, #1027, $2.99/1, Tower Package]
      Dark ruby amber color; light fruity nose; medium-bodied; balanced, bright hop flavor with a toasted malt background, long bitter hop finish and aftertaste.
    • Old Devil 16.9oz [99/01/03, A, 9, #631, ? - OH]
      Dark golden amber color; strong toasted malt nose; medium-bodied; hop bitterness in the beginning and middle, long dry finish and aftertaste.
    • Scarecrow 16.9oz [02/11/26, A, 11, #1180, $3.06/1, Green's Beverages]
      Deep golden color; malty toffee nose; medium-bodied; complex malty flavor, hints of roasted malt, balanced hop presence, quick finish with a faint bitter hop aftertaste. Called Circle Master on their web site.

  • Wye Valley Brewery - Stoke Lacy, Hereford, England
    • Dorothy Goodbody's Wholesome Stout 16.9oz [03/02/08, S, 8, #1199, 4.19/1, Green's Beverages]
      Black color; roasted malt nose; medium-bodied; dry malt flavor, pleasant bitterness, moderate dry malt finish and aftertaste.

  • Wynkoop Brewing Company - Denver, CO, USA
    (bottled by Broadway Brewing Company - Denver, CO, USA)
    (visted Broadway, with Light Rail Ale/RailYard Ale coaster)
    • Light Rail Ale 2oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO]
    • RailYard Ale 2oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO],
      12oz [98/06/15, A, 9, $5.43/1, Westin - Denver, CO],
      22oz [98/12/08, A, 9, $2.29/1, Harris Teeter]
      Dark golden color; slightly fruity nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced, hop bitterness up front, malty background and a long bitter hop aftertaste. I have two different 12oz bottle designs.
    • Roadhouse Barley Wine 2oz Draught [98/06/15, BW, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO]
    • Solstice Summer Ale 2oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO]
    • Solstice Winter Ale 2oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR, Broadway - Denver, CO],
      12oz [98/12/06, A, 9, $6.62/6, Tower Package Store]
      Amber color; malty nose, slightly sour element disappears later; medium-bodied; balanced, spicy taste, strong like and English ale, hop surge at the end, malty aftertaste.

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