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  • D. C. Yuengling & Son - Pottsville, PA, USA
    • Black & Tan 12oz Can [99/01/23, A, 8, #644, Glenn Miller's - Lemoyne, PA]
      Dark brown-black color; malty nose; medium-bodied; dry malt flavor, smooth, short roasted malt aftertaste.
    • Lager [99/01/16, B, 10, #641, Glenn Miller's - Lemoyne, PA]
      Golden amber color; inviting hop and malt arome; thin to medium-bodied; smooth and crisp, balanced flavor, moderate long aftertaste.
    • Porter [99/04/16, P, 7, #716, ? - PA]
      Deep dark amber color; dry malt aroma has a faint richness; medium-bodied; bitter hop and malt flavor, hop finish and very faint roasted malt aftertaste. A little weak.

  • D. L. Geary Brewing Company - Portland, ME, USA
    • London Style Porter [97/05/10, P, NR]
      Dark with a hint of amber; complex malt nose, faintly hoppy; balanced and rich with a bitter surge that fades into a malt finish.
    • Pale Ale [97/03/15, A, 10]
      Amber color; light, faintly fruity nose; bitter hoppy taste that follows you throughout, and finished slightly bitter.

  • Darwin Brewery - England
    • Original Flag Porter [99/10/24, P, 7, #835, $2.03/1, Green's Beverages]
      Ruby color; complex fruity and roasted malt aroma; medium-bodied; balanced, crisp and light, dry malt flavor, slightly roasty finish and short aftertaste. Light for a porter, I suppose.

  • Del Baru Cerveceria - Panama
    • Panama [01/05/27, B, 4, #1055, $5.99/1, Toco Giant]
      Golden color; clean malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; crisp hop flavor, slightly sweet malt presence, long bitter aftertaste that lasts.

  • De Halve Maal Bierbrouwerij - The Netherlands
    • Zeeuwsche Witte 30cl [00/01/17, A, 8, #893, ? - The Netherlands]
      Very pale hazy golden color; big sweet malt and yeast nose; thin to medium-bodied, frothy head; zesty bitter hop flavor with a sweet malt background, quick finish and little aftertaste.

  • De Koninck Brasserie - Antwerpe - Belgium
    • De Koninck 0.25l Draught [03/03/17, B, NR, #1210, EUR1.74/1, Pizzeria La Gondola - Antwerp, Belgium]

  • De Koningshoeven Bierbrouwerij - Tilburg, The Netherlands
    (with glass)
    (also bottled by De Schaapskooi Bierbrouwerij - Berkel-Enschot, The Netherlands)
    • La Trappe Enkel 11.2oz [98/11/28, A, 4]
      Cloudy golden orange color; sour fruity apple nose; thin-bodied; short bitter hop flavor, faint malty background and very faint malty aftertaste.
    • La Trappe Dubbel 11.2oz [98/11/28, A, 9]
      Dark amber color; big spicy malt nose; medium to full-bodied; bright and full malt flavor, malty spicy and faintly sweet aftertaste, hops stay back.
    • La Trappe Tripel 11.2oz [03/01/08, A, 8, #1192, ? - Pittsburgh, PA]
      Cloudy dark golden color; complex fruity nose, hints of pear; medium-bodied.
    • Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale 11.2oz [04/12/31, A, 6, #1296, $7.14/6, Green's Beverages]
      Brown color; sweet malt nose; thin-bodied with a foamy head; sweet malt flavor, quick finish and light sweet aftertaste.

  • Denver Chop House and Brewery - Denver, CO, USA
    (visited brewery and collected a coaster and sampler placemat)
    • Berry 4oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR]
    • Cask Conditioned Stout 4oz Draught [98/06/15, S, NR],
      16oz Draught [99/02/02, S, NR]
    • Dry Hopped Cask Conditioned 4oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR]
    • Honey Wheat 4oz Draught [98/06/15, W, NR]
    • Nut Brown Ale 4oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR]
    • Oatmeal Stout 4oz Draught [98/06/15, S, NR]
    • Pale Ale 4oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR],
      16oz Draught [98/06/13, A, NR, Old Chicago - Colorado Springs, CO]
    • Pilsner Lager 4oz Draught [98/06/15, B, NR]
    • Red Wing 4oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR]
    • Scotch Ale 4oz Draught [98/06/15, A, NR]

  • Deschutes Brewery - Bend, OR, USA
    • Black Butte Porter [98/09/23, P, 9, $7.49/6, Voyager Liquors - Sunnyvale, CA]
      Black color with a reddish brown tinge; bitter roasted malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; bitter roasted malt flavor like the nose, roasty finish and aftertaste.
    • Cascade Ale [00/06/27, A, 10, #958, $1.59/1, Prestige Liquor - Sunnyvale, CA]
      Bright golden color; thin to medium-bodied; crisp and bitter bright hop flavor, dry hop finish and moderate aftertaste.
    • Mirror Pond Pale Ale [98/09/23, A, 10, $7.49/6, Voyager Liquors - Sunnyvale, CA]
      Amber color; light hop nose; medium-bodied; zesty bitter hop flavor, long dry hop aftertaste, very little malt presence. Refreshing and exactly what I expected.
    • Obsidian Stout [97/08/25, S, NR],
      20oz Draught [01/11/09, S, NR, $3.75/1, Pacific Coast Brewing Company - Oakland, CA]
      Black color; roasty nose; medium to thick-bodied; rich malty taste in the beginning, long lingering dry finish and aftertaste.

  • Desnoes & Geddes - Kingston, Jamaica
    • Dragon Stout [97/06/19, S, NR]
      Very dark color with a reddish tinge; rich, malty bittersweeet nose; bitter surge in the beginning, which quiets into a malty finish and aftertaste.
    • Red Stripe Lager [96, B, NR]
      Bright pale golden color; faint nose is a little malty; thin-bodied; crisp light bitter taste, finishes short and clean.

  • Devil Mountain Brewing Company - Cincinnati, OH, USA
    • Black Honey Ale [97/06/28, A, NR]
      Black color; faint malty smell; robust malty taste, with a slightly bitter malt taste towards the end, and a long malty aftertaste.
    • Five Malt Ale [97/01/21, A, NR]
      Reddish amber; slightly sweet malty nose; very malty with a faint hoppy background, dry malt aftertaste.
    • Railroad Gold Ale [97/01/02, A, NR]
    • Summer Mountain Brew [98/07/08, W, 5, $5.49/6, Tower Package Store]
      Pure golden color; strong malty nose; thin-bodied; crisp faintly bitter hop flavor, malty taste in the middle, malty ending and finish.
    • Tasmanian Pale Ale [97/08/22, A, NR]
      Bright golden color; faint floral hoppy nose; thin-bodied; balanced taste, malty with a slightly hoppy finish and aftertaste. Malty and uncharacteristic of a pale ale. Tasted again on 98/10/16, seemed hoppier this time.

  • Diebels Privatbrauerei - Issum, Germany
    • Premium Dark [98/05/24, A, 7, $7.79/6, Cash's - Sandestin, FL]
      Dark amber brown color; deep malty nose; medium-bodied; strong and clean malty taste, slight hop bitterness, short finish and little aftertaste.

  • Dinkelacker - Germany
    (bottled by Spaten, Munich, Germany; with coaster)
    • Dark [98/02/15, ML, 6, $6.99/6]
      Deep amber color; bright malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; short bitter surge in the beginning, malty middle and ending, dry aftertaste.
    • Privat 0.4l Draught [00/10/01, B, NR, #983, DEM4,60/1, Bierkrug - Heidelberg, Germany]

  • Dixie Brewing Company - New Orleans, LA, USA
    • Blackened Voodoo Lager [97/07/12, B, NR]
      Dark amber brown; mild, faintly malty nose; balanced taste and finish. Very drinkable.
    • Crimson Voodoo Ale [00/05/28, A, 4, #946, $7.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Dark amber color; fruity nose; thin-bodied; crisp and quick, faint malt presence, short finish and faint bitter aftertaste.
    • Dixie Beer [96, B, NR]

  • Dock Street Brewing Company - Philadelphia, PA, USA
    • Amber Beer [00/02/26, A, 8, #905, AITM]
      Deep golden color; faint fruity nose; medium-bodied; lasting crisp bitter hop flavor, light dry hop finish and aftertaste.
    • India Pale Ale [00/02/26, IPA, 10, #904, AITM]
      Dark golden color; fruity nose; medium-bodied; big bright and zesty hop flavor throughout, faint malt presence, long dry hop aftertaste.

  • Dogfish Head Craft Brewery - Lewes, DE, USA
    • 60 Minute IPA [07/06/19, IPA, NR, #1424, $9.62/6, Alex Package]
    • Chicory Stout [98/06/02, S, NR, AITM],
      [00/09/15, S, 9, AITM]
      Very very sour and undrinkable, damaged in transit we hope. I have two different bottle designs. The second one was much better, and got the following review: black color; bittersweet malty nose; thin to medium-bodied; dry roasted malty and bitter hop flavor, bitter roasty finish and long aftertaste.
    • Shelter Pale Ale [98/05/31, A, 7, AITM]
      Golden color; slight malty nose; medium-bodied; crisp bitter hop flavor up front, distinct dry malty character in the middle and a slight hop aftertaste. I have two different bottle designs.
    • Immort Ale [03/01/05, BW, 11, #1189, ? - Pittsburgh, PA]
      Reddish golden color; very strong malt nose, hint of vanilla; full-bodied; strong and complex malty flavor, sweet with hints of toasted malt at times, moderately sweet aftertaste.

  • Dogwood Brewing Company - Atlanta, GA, USA
    • Breakdown IPA [99/05/07, IPA, 10, #722, Toco Giant]
      Dark golden color; big hop nose; medium-bodied; bright hop flavor, long finish and aftertaste.
    • Bock [00/02/23, BK, 7, #903, $5.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Dark amber color; malty nose; short bitter hop flavor, slightly sweet malty background, balanced, faint malt finish and light hop aftertaste.
    • Octoberfest Lager [00/10/15, B, 7, #990, $5.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Dark golden color; faint hop nose; medium-bodied; bright hop flavor with a faintly sweet malt flavor, lasting bitter hop finish and aftertaste.
    • Pale Ale [96, A, NR]
    • Stout [97/10/24, S, NR]
      Black color; rich, roasty malty nose; medium-bodied; strong, bittersweet malty taste, but has some hoppiness, long roasted malt aftertaste.
    • Summer Brew [98/07/10, A, 8, $5.59/6, Tower Package Store]
      Hazy golden color; floral and spicy coriander nose; medium-bodied; crisp bitter flavor, lightly spiced and refreshing, not overdone, spicy coriander finish and aftertaste.
    • Youngblood's Imperial Porter (BrewMaster's Series) 22oz [04/08/30, P, 14, #1270, $2.99/1, Tower Package]
      Solid black color; roasted malt nose; full-bodied; strong and complex, massive sweet chocolate flavor backed by toasted malt and coffee, long sweet chocolate malt finish and aftertaste. This beer is amazing.
    • Wheat Beer [97/11/11, W, NR]
      Cloudy golden color; strong wheat beer smell; medium-bodied; crisp bitter taste, long aftertaste. Not as stong as the smell makes you think, quite pleasant.
    • Winter Ale [98/11/07, A, 10]
      Black color; faint and sweet spicy roasted malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; roasted malt flavor like the nose, soft and slightly bitter sweet finish and aftertaste.

  • Dojlidy Brewery - Bialystok, Poland
    • Polski Porter 16.9oz [99/03/06, P, 10, #670, $2.75/1, Belmont Station - Portland, OR]
      Dark color with a reddish tinge; sweet rich malt nose; full-bodied; huge rich flavor, sweet, long finish and bittersweet aftertaste. Very tasty.

  • Dommelsche Bierbrouwerij - Valkenswaard, The Netherlands
    • Pils 50cl Draught [03/03/20, B, NR, #1212, EUR3.64/1, Thais Restaurant Mahanakorn - Utrecht, The Netherlands]

  • Dortmunder Union Brauerei - Dortmund, Germany
    • Original [96, B, NR]

  • Drake's Brewing Company - San Leandro, CA, USA
    • Drake's IPA [03/07/22, IPA, NR, #1229, $7.49/6, Beverages, & more! - Walnut Creek, CA]

  • Dubuque Brewing Company - Dubuque, IA, USA
    • Sympatico Handcrafted Amber [98/10/16, A, 5, AITM]
      Amber color; slightly sour fruity nose; thin-bodied; balanced taste, nothing really jumps out at you, the sourness shows up slightly in the background, faint malty aftertaste.
    • Sympatico Handcrafted Lager [98/10/17, B, 5, AITM]
      Golden color; very light fruity nose; thin-bodied; balanced malt and hop flavor, faint hop surge, slightly malty aftertaste. Thirst-quenching but not very exciting.

  • The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery - Farmville, NC, USA
    • Amber Ale [08/05/30, A, NR, #1458, $8.23/6, Green's Beverages]

  • Dutch Export Breweries - Enschede, Holland
    • Amsterdam Mariner 11.2oz [00/11/14, B, 6, #1002, 4.99/6, Tower Package]
      Light golden color; malty nose; medium-bodied; balanced, quick bitter hop and malt flavor, long dry finish and aftertaste.

  • Duvel Moortgat - Breendonk, Belgium
    • Duvel 33cl [01/07/03, A, 10, #1081, BEF495/4, Sky Shops - Brussels Airport, Belgium]
      Pale golden color; cloudy; faint sweet malt nose with a yeasty hint; medium-bodied, big rocky head; bright hop flavor, fruity, yeast and malty flavor, short finish and not much of an aftertaste. With glass and coaster. I have two different bottle designs.

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