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1996 - 2010: 1511 Different Beers

I want to try as many different beers as possible. Starting in 1996, I decided to start keeping a list and saving the first bottle of each new beer that I tried, to help keep track of what I had already tasted. At one point I had over 1000 bottles and cans in my collection, before I gave the whole thing away to some very nice beer enthusiasts on March 7, 2007. Now I just keep a list.

My total for 1996 was 102 different beers (avg of 1.96 new beers/week). This really covers all of my beer drinking years from 1987 to 1996. Many of them were tried before 1996, but they are listed with a 1996 date since that was the first year I started really keeping track.

In 1997, I tried 234 different brews (avg of 4.50 new beers/week). I also began to note the exact date on which each new beer was tried, and started to add descriptions and ratings of each beer.

I tried a total of 288 new beers in 1998 (avg of 5.54 new beers/week). This number is partially due to a wonderful trip to Colorado where I tried 49 new beers, a nice trip to California, and a general tendency to visit every brewpub or brewery I pass. I'm a little disappointed that I fell 12 beers short of 300 for the year.

1999 was another good year in beer tasting, as I tried 258 (avg of 4.96 new beers/week) new beers. This year included a week-long trip to Wales, where I tried 26 new beers and visited many wonderful pubs. I was also able to visit the legendary Mendocino and Sierra Nevada breweries on a trip to California.

In the year 2000, I tried 134 new beers (avg of 2.62 new beers/week). This number marked a decline in new beers tasted. But I had a nice honeymoon in Germany during October, and I did log beer #1000 so I'm pretty happy with the year. It is getting much harder to find new beers to try, and extreme measures may need to be taken in the future.

During the year 2001, I simply ran out of new beers to try. I ended up with a total of 124 new beers (avg of 2.38 new beers/week) for the year. Many of these were tried during trips to Belgium, England and Scotland.

In 2002 it was almost impossible to find new beers to try in Atlanta, and I ended the year with only 45 new beers (avg of 0.86 new beers/week). Travel was also light that year.

In 2003 it was even more impossible to find new beers to try in Atlanta. I did make it to Tokyo but did not get out much, and did some traveling in Belgium and The Netherlands. I ended the year with 58 new beers (avg of 1.11 new beers/week).

In 2004 I tried 53 new beers (avg of 1.02 new beers/week). Some were tried in Japan, Korea and India. Georgia also passed a new law that allows beer with higher alcohol content to be sold, which has resulted in a wonderful new selection of craft beers from around the world at local stores.

In 2005 I only tried 47 new beers (avg of 0.91 new beers/week). It is too hard to find new beers, even with a busy travel schedule.

In 2006 I tried 67 new beers (avg of 1.29 new beers/week). Respectable I suppose.

In 2007 I only tried 37 new beers (avg of 0.71 new beers/week), the lowest number to date. I did spend quite a bit of time in Europe and tried new beers in Estonia, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Poland.

In 2008 I tried 21 new beers (avg of 0.40 new beers/week).

In 2009 I tried 26 new beers (avg of 0.50 new beers/week).

What will 2010 bring? Can I keep it up? We shall see. I have tried 0 new beer (avg of 0.00 new beers/week) this year. Recent additions are marked NEW! for a month or so.

All beers are indexed by brewery, and sizes are 12oz (355ml) bottles unless otherwise stated. After each beer title, I have listed the date on which the beer was tasted, a style designation, a rating, and the unique number it has in my collection. For example, [95/12/22, A, 12, #27] would mean that I tried the beer on December 22, 1995 and that it was a very good ale, and that it is beer number 27. If I remembered to save the receipt, you'll see the price/unit that I paid (for example $5.99/6 means $5.99 for a 12oz six pack), and where I bought the beer (Atlanta unless otherwise noted).

Beer Style Designations

A: top-fermented ale
B: bottom-fermented beer (lager, pilsner)
BK: bock
BW: barley wine
C: cider
IPA: India pale ale
K: kölsch
LO: low-calorie (light)
ML: malt liquor
P: porter
S: stout
ST: steam beer
W: wheat (weizen)


NR: no rating (probably tasted before December 20, 1997)
0 - 3: poor - unappealing or unpleasant taste
4 - 6: fair - some good features, but is lacking
7 - 9: good - pleasant, enjoyable and fit for regular consumption
10 - 12: very good - short of excellent, worth seeking out
13 - 15: excellent - all features are present and appropriate, worth paying a premium for

If you have any comments or recommendations, email

Beer List (A)

Index by Brewery
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  • Totals by Year
    • 1996: 102 (avg 1.96 new beers/week)
    • 1997: 234 (avg 4.50 new beers/week)
    • 1998: 288 (avg 5.54 new beers/week)
    • 1999: 258 (avg 4.96 new beers/week)
    • 2000: 136 (avg 2.62 new beers/week)
    • 2001: 124 (avg 2.38 new beers/week)
    • 2002: 45 (avg 0.86 new beers/week)
    • 2003: 58 (avg 1.11 new beers/week)
    • 2004: 53 (avg 1.02 new beers/week)
    • 2005: 47 (avg 0.91 new beers/week)
    • 2006: 67 (avg 1.29 new beers/week)
    • 2007: 37 (avg 0.71 new beers/week)
    • 2008: 21 (avg 0.40 new beers/week)
    • 2009: 26 (avg 0.50 new beers/week)
    • 2010: 0 (avg 0.00 new beers/week)
    • Total: 1496

  • 75th Street Brewery - Kansas City, MO, USA
    • Brown Ale [00/08/11, A, 8, #966, AITM]
      Dark amber brown color; complex nutty malt nose; medium-bodied; roasted chocolate malt flavor, good hop background, long and faintly sweet malty finish and aftertaste.

  • Aass Bryggeri - Drammen, Norway
    • Genuine Pilsner 11.2oz [02/06/15, B, 7, #1158, $1.69/1, Green's Beverages]
      Light golden color; clean malt nose; medium to full-bodied; crisp and hoppy, balanced faintly sweet malty background, lasting hop finish and aftertaste.

  • Abbaye de Leffe - Dinant, Belgium
    • Leffe Brune [02/03/02, A, NR, #1146, ? - Belgium]
    • Leffe Blonde 33cl Draught [01/06/27, A, NR, #1075, ? - Leuven, Belgium],
      33cl [01/06/28, A, NR, #1075, BEF145/1, Holiday Inn - Diegem, Belgium]
    • Leffe Dubbel [00/04/05, A, NR, #923, ? - The Netherlands]
    • Leffe Tripel 33cl Draught [01/06/26, A, NR, #1073, Holiday Inn - Leuven, Belgium]

  • Abbaye St. Remy - Rochefort, Belgium
    • Rochefort Trappistes 8 33cl [03/01/17, A, 7, #1196, ? - Pittburgh, PA]
      Dark black brown color; very strong and complex sweet malt nose, hints of chocolate and motor oil; full-bodied; toasted malt flavor throughout, not nearly as powerful as its nose, mellow sweet finish and aftertaste.
    • Rochefort Trappistes 10 33cl [03/02/10, A, 9, #1203, ? - Pittburgh, PA]
      Black color with lots of floating bits; big strong malt nose; medium to full-bodied; complex malt flavor, sweet and roasted malt presence, bitter finish with a faint sweet aftertaste.

  • Abita Brewing Company - Abita Springs, LA, USA
    • Golden [01/09/23, B, 4, $4.99/6, Charlie Lahan's Carousel - Laguna Beach, FL]
      Dark golden color; sweet malt nose; thin-bodied; crisp, light hop flavor, long bitter cloying aftertaste.
    • Purple Haze [99/02/09, W, 9, #654]
      Cloudy golden color; slightly tart fruity nose; medium-bodied; tart, bitter light raspberry taste, not too fruity, short finish and fruity aftertaste. Not overpowering, very crisp and refreshing.
    • Turbo Dog [98/01/24, A, 7]
      Deep ruby color; light sweet roasted malt nose; full-bodied; sweet, then roasty flavor; malty aftertaste. Too sweet for me, lacks hops.

  • Åbro Bryggeri - Vimmerby, Sweden
    • Original 40cl [08/04/23, B, NR, #1456, SEK79.00/1, Gröne Jägaren - Stockholm, Sweden]

  • Achouffe Brasserie - Achouffe, Belgium
    • La Chouffe 75cl [07/07/01, A, NR, #1425]

  • Adnams & Company - Southwold, Suffolk, England
    (also listed as Sole Bay Brewery)
    • Broadside Ale 16.9oz [97/05/07, A, NR]
      Copper golden; mild hoppy nose; bitter hop flavor hits you right as you drink, then fades into a delicate lingering aftertase. Refreshing. I have two different bottle designs, the one from 2004/08/14 is labeled Broadside Original Ale.
    • Suffolk Extra Ale 16.9oz [96, A, NR]
    • Suffolk Special Bitter 16.9oz [04/08/18, A, 10, #1269, $3.06/1, Green's Beverages]
      Cloudy golden color; fruity nose; medium-bodied; lasting crisp bitter flavor, short finish and moderate bitter aftertaste.

  • Alaskan Brewing & Bottling Company - Juneau, AK, USA
    (with coaster)
    • 1998 Smoked Porter 16oz [00/02/26, P, 11, #906, 2.99/1, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Black color with a reddish tinge; rich smokey malt nose; full-bodied; complex lasting roasted malt flavor, long dry smoked roasted malt aftertaste.
    • Amber [97/08/26, A, NR]
      Golden amber color; quiet, faintly sweet and fruity nose; light-bodied; malty flavor, slightly sweet, with a lingering aftertaste.
    • IPA 20oz Draught [07/06/07, IPA, NR, #1422, 5.50/1, Fadó - Seattle, WA]
    • Pale [00/07/15, A, 5, #960, 7.49/6, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Light golden color; floral hop nose; thin-bodied; moderate bitter hop flavor, fades and vanishes quickly with a faint hop hint.

  • AleSmith Brewing Company - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Anvil Ale 16oz Draught [02/06/22, A, NR, #1161, $5.00/1, Sheraton San Diego]

  • Alexander Keith's Brewery - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    • IPA 20oz Draught [02/08/28, NR, #1172, CAD5.50/1, Graffitis - Kanata, Ontario, Canada]

  • Alken-Maes - Kontich, Belgium
    (also in Waarloos, Belgium)
    • Grimbergen Double 12oz [99/01/01, A, 9, #626, ? - OH],
      75cl [99/01/01, A, 9, #626, ? - Belgium]
      Dark amber brown color, hazy; tart fruity nose; medium-bodied; light tart and moderate bitter hop flavor, slightly sweet malty background, clean finish and not much of an aftertaste. The 75cl bottle came in a tin.

  • Allagash Brewing Company - Portland, ME, USA
    • White [99/04/15, A, 8, #707, AITM]
      White golden cloudy color; spiced nose, corriander; medium-bodied; light spiced flavor, short crisp finish and aftertaste.

  • American Hard Cider Company - Middlebury, VT, USA
    • Cider Jack Hard Cider [96, C, NR]
      Bright pale golden; sweet dry nose; extremely sweet taste, with a mild dry finish.
    • Cider Jack Raspberry Hard Cider [98/08/31, C, 7]
      Deep cran-raspberry color; faintly sour nose; thin to medium-bodied; sweet fruity taste, mildly bitter and faint raspberry background, sweet berry aftertaste.

  • Amstel Brouwerij - Amsterdam, Holland
    • 1870 [97/12/13, B, NR]
      Pale golden color; pleasant malt and hop aroma; medium-bodied; well hopped flavor in the beginning, drops into a malty middle, long dry hop aftertaste.
    • Bier [97/12/19, B, NR]
      Pale golden color; faint malty nose; thin to medium-bodied; lightly hopped, malty flavor and dry aftertaste. With coaster.
    • Light [97/12/20, LO, 3]
      Light yellow golden color; malty nose, thin-bodied; slightly bitter taste in the beginning, quickly turns into a dry malty finish. I also have a bottle from 1996, which was bottled by Heineken.

  • Anadolu Efes - Istanbul, Turkey
    • Pilsen 33cl [06/04/25, B, NR, #1361, TRY13.00/1, Ceylan InterContinental - Istanbul, Turkey]
      With coaster.

  • Anchor Brewing Company - San Francisco, CA, USA
    • 1996 Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Ale [97/02/05, A, NR]
    • 1997 Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Ale [98/01/07, A, 7]
      Dark, almost black color; complex, bright, pine and spicy nose; medium-bodied; complex spiced malty flavor; slightly bitter at the middle and end, long malty aftertaste. This is just not my style of beer, I found the spices to be too overwhelming.
    • 1998 Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Ale [98/12/03, A, 8]
      Very dark color; big spicy pine nose, thick head; medium-bodied; spicy flavor, bitter surge in the middle, long rosted and spiced malt aftertaste.
    • 1999 Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Ale [99/12/21, A, 10, #879, $9.19/6, Green's Beverages]
      Very dark ruby color; spicy hop and malt nose; medium-bodied; bright hop flavor with a light spicy background, lasting bitter hop aftertaste. My favorite so far.
    • 2002 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Ale [02/12/21, A, 10, #1186, $9.19/6, Green's Beverages]
      Very dark black color with a hint of brown; bright spiced hop nose; medium-bodied; pronounced bitter hop flavor, tart, spices show themselves in a long afteraste.
    • 2003 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Ale [03/12/12, A, 11, #1245, $9.19/6, Green's Beverages]
      Deep ruby color; strong spiced nose with hints of pine; medium-bodied, foamy head; moderate spiced flavor, bitter hop punch, faintly tart, light spiced piney presence, bitter hop finish with hints of spices, lasting aftertaste.
    • 2004 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Ale [04/12/27, A, 8, #1289, $9.19/6, Green's Beverages]
      Black color; faint spiced nose; thin-bodied and foamy; bright bitter malt and hop flavor, very lightly spiced this year, lasting bitter finish and aftertaste. This is the 30th year anniversary for this beer.
    • Liberty Ale [96, A, 10]
      Golden color; light fruity nose; medium-bodied; bright crisp hop flavor, well-balanced malty background, bitter hop finish and long dry hop aftertaste.
    • Old Foghorn 7oz [99/08/19, BW, 14, #805, $14.14/6, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Deep amber color; huge strong distilled malt nose; full-bodied; very strong complex flavor, hop and malt presence, long strong complex malt finish and dry hop aftertaste. Warms as it goes down, quite exquisite.
    • Porter [97/05/20, P, NR]
      Black color; faintly fruity nose and creamy thick head; full-bodied; rich taste, slightly bitter throughout with a malt finish.
    • Small Beer 22oz [00/04/23, A, 9, #936, 2.49/1, Sam's Wines & Spirits - Chicago, IL]
      Deep golden color; faint wort-like aroma; medium-bodied; lasting crisp and slightly tart bitter flavor, long bitter aftertaste.
    • Steam Beer [96, ST, NR],
      16oz Draught [00/04/15, ST, NR, $3.50/1, Hopleaf - Chicago, IL]

  • Anderson Valley Brewing Company - Boonville, CA, USA
    (with Boonville Beer coaster)
    • Belk's ESB [00/05/13, A, 10, #940, $6.99/6, Beverages, & more! - Santa Clara, CA]
      Bright golden color; light hop nose; medium-bodied; crisp and bright bitter hop flavor, malty background, well-balanced with a light bitter hop aftertaste.
    • Boont Amber Ale [00/01/18, A, 10, #894, $7.73/6, Prestige Liquor - Sunnyvale, CA]
      Copper golden color; medium-bodied; bright hop and malt flavor, well-balanced and robust, faint hop aftertaste.
    • Hop Ottin' IPA [00/02/06, IPA, 10, #898, $7.49/6, Perry's Liquor - Pleasanton, CA]
      Golden color; big floral hop nose; medium-bodied; bright bitter hop flavor, finish and long dry hop aftertaste.
    • Poleeko Gold Pale Ale 12oz [01/03/29, A, 9, #964, $8.14/6, Prestige Liquor - Sunnyvale, CA],
      22oz [00/08/09, A, 9, #964, $2.99/1, Prestige Liquor - Sunnyvale, CA]
      Pale cloudy golden color; faint floral hop nose; thin to medium-bodied; crisp ho flavor, clean and light, gentle bitter hop finish and aftertaste.

  • Anheuser-Bush, Specialty Brewing Group - St. Louis, MO, USA
    • Michelob Amber Bock [97/09/30, BK, NR]
      Dark copper brown color; very light malty nose is slightly sweet; thin-bodied, translucent; starts out malty, but quickly turns hoppy and has a clean, faintly sweet malty finish and aftertaste.
    • Michelob HefeWeizen [98/02/28, W, 6]
      Cloudy, deep golden color; malty and slightly rich, sweet nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced hop and malt flavor, strong malty aftertaste. Not what I would call a wheat beer.

  • Arcadia Brewing Company - Battle Creek, MI, USA
    • India Pale Ale [00/04/21, IPA, 9, #933, $7.49/6, Sam's Wines & Spirits - Chicago, IL]
      Dark golden cloudy color; huge complex floral nose; medium-bodied, big foamy head; strong and robust hop flavor, balanced with a good malt backing, long bitter hop aftertaste.

  • Artisanale du Tregor Brasserie - Minihy-Tréguier, France
    • Tregor Sant Erwann / Saint Yves 33cl [05/07/12, B, NR, #1329, Brittany - France]
      Golden color; bubblegum nose; full-bodied, foamy head; sweet malt flavor, cloying.

  • Artois Brasseries - Leuven, Belgium
    (bottled by Interbrew - Brussels, Belgium)
    • C.T.S. Scotch 0.25l Draught [03/03/18, B, NR, #1211, EUR?.??/1, La Brasserie Les Prinnces Evêques - Liège, Belgium]
    • Stella Artois 25cl Can [00/04/04, B, 8, #922, CDG Airport - Paris, France],
      50cl Draught [01/06/24, B, 8, BEF130/1, Holiday Inn - Leuven, Belgium],
      12oz [00/08/12, B, 8]
      Light golden color; clean malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; crisp and clean, malty flavor, bright bitter hop surge, short bitter hop finish and faint aftertaste. With three coasters.

  • Arthur Guinness Son & Company - Dublin, Ireland
    (with several coasters, Kaliber coaster, three glasses, a Black & Tan pint glass, a Half & Half pint glass, a bottle opener, a small paper bag, and a keg ring)
    • Guinness 250th Anniversary Stout [09/10/16, S, NR, #1489, $8.99/6, Alex Package Store]
    • Guinness Bitter Draught 440ml Can [99/04/16, A, 10, #708, £1.09/1, The Victoria Wine Company - Aberystwyth, Wales]
      Dark amber color; light fruity nose; medium-bodied, creamy; bright hop flavor throughout, long bitter hop aftertaste.
    • Guinness Draught 11.2oz Draught [01/08/24, S, NR, $6.99/6, Tower Package],
      14.9oz Draught Can [97/04/05, S, NR],
      14.9oz Draught Can [97/05/02, S, NR],
      14.9oz Draught Can [99/07/18, S, NR],
      330ml Draught Can [04/01/16, S, NR, JPY800/1, Crest Club Public House - Tokyo, Japan],
      440ml Draught Can [99/03/23, S, NR, £0.99/1, The Victoria Wine Company - Aberystwyth, Wales]
      Black with a creamy white head; full-bodied, creamy, malty and full-flavored with a slight bitterness. I have five different can designs and two different bottle designs.
    • Guinness Extra Stout 12oz [97/03/28, S, 12],
      12oz [99/10/03, S, 12, CA$1.79/1, Supermarche Nascimento et Brito - Montreal, Quebec, Canada],
      16.9oz [S, 12, $1.99/1]
      Black color; light malty nose; full-bodied and thick; bitter beginning, malty throughout, with a long roasty malt aftertaste. I have four different bottle designs.
    • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout 12oz Can [03/01/15, S, 7, #891, $2.50/1, Oliver & Wildgoose Investments - Freeport, Grand Bahamas],
      60cl [00/01/15, S, 7, #891, N60/1, Uncle Ben's Super Kitchen - Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria]
      Black color; big bitter roasted malt nose, faint sharp background; full-bodied, thick head; very bitter malt flavor, then fades into a gentler roasty flavor, a bit unbalanced, long roasted malt aftertaste.
    • Guinness Original 275ml [99/03/22, S, NR, £0.80/1, The Old Brewery Shop - Cardiff, Wales],
      275ml Can [99/03/23, S, NR, #701, £3.15/4, Co-operative - Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales],
      440ml Can [99/03/22, S, NR, £1.25/1, The Old Brewery Shop - Cardiff, Wales]
    • Guinness Stout 20oz Draught [99/03/25, S, 14, #696, £2.00/1, Hen & Chickens - Abergavenny, Wales]
      Black color; roasted malt nose; full-bodied; bitter hop and roasted malt flavor; long bitter roasted malt aftertaste. Simply incredible and the best I've had so far.
    • Guinness Stout Extra Cold 20oz Draught [99/03/25, S, 9, #694, £2.00/1, The Great George - Abergavenny, Wales]
      Black color; roasted malt nose; full-bodied; bitter hop and malt flavor throughout, fades into a long bitter roasted malt aftertaste. "Extra Cold" seems to be some sort of fad here... I prefer mine a little warmer.
    • Harp Export 500ml Can [05/01/07, B, 7, #1301, EUR?.??/1, Tesco - Naas, Ireland]
      Golden color; clean malt nose; medium to full-bodied; big malt flavor, hops balance, defined malt finish and aftertaste.
    • Harp Lager [96, B, NR]
      (bottled by Harp Brewery - Dundalk, Ireland)
      Bright pale golden; complex, lightly fruity nose; crisp and clean, bitter up front, smooth aftertaste. With glass, Vitaliser glass, plastic cup, coaster and two different bottle designs.
    • Kilkenny Irish Beer 20oz Draught [99/03/22, A, 8, #681, £2.00/1, Central Park - Aberystwyth, Wales]
      Dark golden color; light hop and malt nose; medium-bodied; crisp hop flavor, moderate hop finish and aftertaste.

  • AS Puls Brewery - Pärnu, Estonia
    (also visited Hell Hunt, the first Estonian pub)
    • Hell Hunt Hele 0.5l Draught [07/05/08, B, NR, #1416, EEK35.00/6, Hell Hunt - Tallinn, Estonia]

  • Asahi Breweries - Tokyo, Japan
    (also bottled by Molson Breweries - Toronto, Canada)
    • Brewmaster's Select [05/09/14, B, 6, #1340, $8.55/6, Alex Package Store]
      Deep golden color; light malt nose; thin-bodied; crisp and balanced with a malt flavor, moderate finish and aftertaste.
    • Super Dry [98/08/14, B, 5, $5.59/6, Tower Package Store],
      350ml Can [03/06/17, B, 5, ¥500/1, Ginza Tobu Hotel - Tokyo, Japan]
      Light golden color; faint malt nose; thin-bodied; short crisp hop and malt flavor, very faint finish and almost no aftertaste. With poster.

  • Astika Brewery - Haskovo, Bulgaria
    • Astika Beer 11.2oz [99/01/03, B, 4, #629, ? - OH]
      Cloudy dark golden color; big strong malt nose; medium-bodied; malty flavor, hops are present, malty finish and aftertaste. Lacking in balance and a bit quick.

  • Athens Brewing Company - Athens, GA, USA
    • Alexander Ale Draught Sample, 16oz [99/07/25, A, NR, #776, $2.75/1]
    • British Brown Porter Draught Sample [99/07/25, P, NR, #777]
    • KB Stout Draught Sample [99/07/25, S, NR, #778]
    • Six Mile Nut Brown Draught Sample [99/07/25, A, NR, #775]

  • Atlanta Brewing Company (now Red Brick Brewing Company) - Atlanta, GA, USA
    (with Red Brick Ales & Lagers coaster)
    • #'s Ale [08/10/19, A, NR, #1468, $8.99/6, Kroger]
    • American Wheat [98/04/04, W, 8, $4.99/6, Green's Beer & Wine]
      Cloudy golden color; big wheat nose; thin to medium-bodied; crisp bitter hop taste, malty background, light and refreshing.
    • Kelly's Light [00/05/04, B, 4, #939]
      Light golden color; clean malt nose; thin-bodied; light, crisp and slight bitter hop flavor, mild sharp bitter aftertaste.
    • Laughing Skull Bohemian Style Pilsner [97/09/14, B, NR]
      Bright, pure golden color; citrus hoppy nose, crisp hoppy beginning that gives way to a surge in the middle and finished with a malty element. With two different coasters and two different bottle designs.
    • Red Brick Ale [96, A, 9]
      Deep dark reddish color; malty nose; medium-bodied; well-balanced and robust, spicy bitter hop and malt flavor, long finish and aftertaste. I have two bottle designs.
    • Red Brick Golden Lager [97/11/16, B, NR]
      Hazy golden color; prominent fruity nose; thin to medium-bodied; bitter up front with a surge in the middle, the flavor fades into a malty finish and short aftertaste.
    • Red Brick Peachtree Pale Ale [01/08/17, A, 10, #1107, $5.99/6, Toco Giant]
      Deep golden color; medium-bodied; bright and refreshing hop flavor, zesty, lasting bitter hop aftertaste.
    • Red Brick Summer Brew [98/07/18, A, 10, AITM]
      Light golden color; very faint nose; thin to medium-bodied; crisp bitter hop taste balanced with a malty background flavor, very light and refreshing, short aftertaste.
    • Red Brick Winter Brew [97/11/08, A, NR]
      Copper golden color; zesty hop nose; medium-bodied; complex, bitter hop flavor in the beginning, turns into a spicy malty taste towards the end, long hop finish. I have three different bottles.

  • Atlantic Brewing Company - Bar Harbor, ME, USA
    (also in Portland, ME, USA)
    • Bar Harbor Real Ale [04/12/30, A, 6, #1295, $7.14/6, Green's Beverages]
      Amber color; nutty nose; thin-bodied; crisp nutty flavor that goes by quickly, not much of a finish or aftertaste.

  • Augustiner-Bräu - Munich, Germany
    • Lagerbier Hell 0.5l Draught [07/08/18, B, NR, #1432, EUR3.20/1, Bar 23 - Berlin, Germany]

  • Avery Brewing Company - Boulder, CO, USA
    • India Pale Ale [98/12/05, IPA, 9, AITM]
      Golden color; bright floral hop nose; medium-bodied; big zesty bitter hop flavor with a surge in the middle, long bitter hop aftertaste.
    • Ellie's Brown [99/11/23, A, 6, #863, AITM]
      Dark amber brown color; roasted nutty malt nose; thin to medium-bodied; nutty flavor with a big zesty dose of hops, aftertaste is a combination of hops with a nutty presence.
    • New World Porter [98/12/04, P, 10, AITM]
      Black color; pleasant hop and malt nose; medium to full-bodied; bitter sweet roasted malt flavor bursts forth, light hop presence, long dry roasted malt aftertaste, with a dry hop background. This porter is dry hopped.

  • Aying Brauerei - Aying, Germany
    (with pilsner glass)
    • Bräu Weisse Hefe-Weizen 17oz [97/06/14, W, NR]
      Bright golden color, very hazy; strong wheat malt nose; very short flavor, malty throughout with a quick finish.

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Greg Hankins,
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