Current Version: 1.2 (Sat Feb 17 00:00:00 EDT 1996)

Download: bl-1.2.tar.gz


Blinkenlights blinks the keyboard LEDs in little patterns, and is fun to watch. I haven't tried it since 1996, but there is a good chance it still works.

HLT plugin for GKrellM

Current Version: 0.01 (Sun Jul 29 23:21:32 EDT 2001)

Download: gkrellmhlt-0.01.tar.gz


Hot Little Therm is a digital thermometer that can be connected to a serial port. They are available from Spiderplant.

This plugin will read the current temperature from an HLT device and display it in a GKrellM window.

Please note that I do not have any affiliation with the manufacturer of HLTs, but have been a satisfied customer for several years.


Current Version: 0.01 (Thu Jul 6 01:33:55 EDT 2000)

Download: roaminfo-0.01.tar.gz


Roaminfo is a utility program to view information about Cabletron/Enterasys RoamAbout wireless ethernet access points. Unfortunately the provided access point management software only works under something called Windows, and appearently they don't mean X Windows.

General information about the Enterasys RoamAbout products can be found at Enterasys Wireless Solutions.

This is the initial version, it doesn't do much. The first thing I will work on is getting roaminfo to report the connected clients and their signal strengths, but I'm not quite sure how to do that yet. Sniffer traces will soon reveal all, however.

Roaminfo was inspired by the WaveLAN Monitor project, which works with Lucent/ORiNOCO Wave products. My code is very loosely based on some of the ideas in the WaveLAN project but has been written from scratch and GPLed. The real motivation is to measure client signal strengths though, so I can see what sort of range this stuff has in my apartment complex.

Development was done on Red Hat Linux 6.0, but this will likely compile on most Unix platforms without modification. Nothing here is Linux-specific.

GNU Zebra Load/Save Patch

Current Version: 0.04a (Thu Dec 26 18:57:09 EST 2002)

Download: zebra-patch-0.04a.tar.bz2


This patch to GNU Zebra provides a convenient way to load and save BGP prefixes from/to a file. Using a saved file of prefixes, you can then advertise them into a network. All path attribute information is preserved, making it really useful for testing or teaching BGP.

I have tested the patch on recent Red Hat Linux and FreeBSD systems.

Force10 RANCID Module

Current Version: 2.3.2a6 (Mon Jun 26 21:23:09 EDT 2008)

Download: f10rancid


This f10rancid module supports all Force10 devices running FTOS. John Heasley did most of the work, and I added some tweaks for specific devices.

I tested this version on the E-Series, C-Series and S-Series running FTOS 7.7.1 but it should work fine on older FTOS versions too. Devices running SFTOS are not supported.

The module will be included in an upcoming RANCID release. In the meantime grab it and then move it to the bin directory.

Example output is here:

Greg Hankins,
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