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Goat Lord Records

Goat Lord Records was a small label run by John Kieran Paul and Greg Hankins from 1996 to 1997. We had three releases, which are archived here in hopes that someone will find this page and enjoy the recordings.

Das Kriminal EP

This was our first release in 1996, we pressed 1000 on black vinyl and numbered all covers by hand (0 - 999). John has number 0 and I have number 999.

Das Kriminal was a band from Savannah, GA and was:
Kevin Bresslar: vocals
Christ: guitar, vocals
David Kriminal: drums, vocals
Jason Bradshaw: bass, art


Flash Flood (MP3)

Watch out for the blood.
Watch out for the flash flood.
The words that kill.
The blood that's spilled.
Fucking politicians
don't even feel.
Send their armies to their
Even take their loved ones last
Watch out for the blood.
Watch out for the flash flood.
Trained to kill
at all cost.
Doesn't matter
who won or lost.
Now they have nothing more to
Because they've cried their last

Burned Alive (MP3)

You're burning alive,
your blood is on fire.
Youre tossing about
all over the floor.
Your face is a puddle
of slimy, fucking, filth
and your brains are
melting to black!
Demon within
come to kill again
you are a victim
of your own pollution!
Your family died
breaking the cycle.
You couldnt forget
what you never knew.
You live in your waste
eat shit for survial.
Youre full of shit
with youre fucking revival!
You left it all in the ground.
You never thought that you would
see the day the space ran out
for you to dump your shit
into the seas!
The only survivor is death!!

Remembrance (MP3)

Give me money, buy my bibles.
Don't listen to anyone else
they're all liars.
Watch what you do
watch what you say
you're going to burn
Down to me!!
Pray to me!!
Worship me!!
Give your soul to me!!
Fulfill my every need!!
Do this in remembrance of me!
Watch what you do
watch what you say
you're going to burn
- I died for you and you'll
die for me! -
Do this in remembrance of me.

Obvious Statement (MP3)

Rotten bastards keep me down
with your norms and makeshift clowns.
I can't get a job, I don't fit in.
If I was clean-cut, I'd be rejected again.
Fuck you, and fuck your system!
It's not working don't you listen?
Fuck you, and fuck your system.
Your system has failed.
Will you take us when you flee as well?
or leave us to die in a nuclear hell?
You have the power, but we realize
your only real answer is watching us die!
A wasted existence in a wasteland.
You've left no future, we're all damned
Burn of my skin "nuclearly"
or bury me in poverty.
Moral objection - to diversification.
The ultimate fascism is incooperation
Moral majority rules to benefit all people.
We are only tools, and none of us is fucking
Common places, social graces, common
peer groups, double government faces.
Welfare, medicare, insurance share -
I don't fucking care!


Front Cover
Inside Left
Inside Left Cover
Inside Right
Inside Right Cover
Back Cover
A Side
A Side
B Side
B Side

Download the art from this record in PDF.

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